Sunday, May 28, 2017

Debbie Dingell joins up with former Ypsilanti foster youth for Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Day in DC.

In a May 25 press release from the Debbie Dingell office, U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI 12) teamed up last week with Brittney Barros and Mario McLean from Ypsilanti for the annual Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Day. According to the press release, "Brittney and Mario joined more than 100 foster youth alumni from across the country who traveled to Washington, DC to shadow members of Congress to get a behind-the-scenes look at the House of Representatives and share their experiences in the child welfare system as a way to influence policy around foster care."

According to Dingell, "These two young people are an inspiration for all of us. Brittney and Mario have overcome unbelievable challenges and both have a great outlook on life."

Brittney Barros, 18, works for Ozone House as a peer Outreach Worker and is also an advocate for foster youth through the Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative, and serves as president and state co-director for Park West Foundation working to connect foster youth with federal and local programs. Brittney is enrolled in the music therapy program at Eastern Michigan University.

Mario McLean, 23, graduated from Michigan State University and is a District Sales Manager for Frito-Lay. While at MSU, Mario was active in the Fostering Academic Mentoring Excellence program. Mario currently mentors in his local Big Brother Big Sister program.

Jeff Brown
Editor / Publisher
Purple Walrus Press.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Memorial Day Procession Monday, May 29 in Ypsilanti.

In a press release from the Ypsilanti Police Department and the City of Ypsilanti that was posted on May 25, it was stated that the Memorial Day Procession will be held on Monday, May 29, 2017 at 9:00 AM. According to the release, "The procession will begin on Huron Street just south of Michigan Avenue and proceed north to Cross Street. Procession will head east on Cross Street to N. River Street." The procession will end at Highland Cemetery. The police and City of Ypsilanti would like to inform people to be aware that due to the fact that the procession will run through the city, there will be temporary road closures and detours.

Have a safe weekend.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Community Wing Project in Support of Ypsilanti's youth.

Contributed to PWP by Elisa Guyton.

The Community Wing Project: Giving our youth wings to fly!! 

Local artists, non-profits, and area businesses are partnering together in support of Ypsilanti’s youth - our future leaders. The goal of the Community Wing Project is to visually show our youth that Ypsilanti is here to help them fly. 

Together with Educate Youth, Ypsilanti Community Schools, and supportive citizens, a feather template was sent around for all to color in/get creative with. Once feathers have been collected, the teens at Educate Youth will construct into a pair of life-size wings to be showcased at Go! Ice Cream from June 2-16, 2017. (10 N Washington St, Ypsilanti)

June 2 is the first annual Ypsi Pride in coordination with First Fridays Ypsilanti. To help celebrate and support Ypsi Pride, various artists will also showcase their wings: Corner Health Center’s front window will have wings by Zeno Nuff Said; Educate Youth will have a wing mural by Joe LaVigne; and Ypsi Real will have chalk wings on their back wall. 

Contact Elisa Guyton, Mosaic Ypsi for any additional information. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

According to WICIR five kitchen staff members were detained by ICE Wednesday in Sava's Restaurant Ann Arbor.

According to the organization WICIR (Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights) at approximately 11:15 am Wednesday, May 24, five members of the kitchen staff at Sava's Restaurant in Ann Arbor were detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). According to WICIR, the staff members are Latino. Sava's is located at 216 S. State Street in downtown Ann Arbor.

Around 12:30 pm I was notified by an individual who had read about the detainment at Sava's on social media. I arrived in front of Sava's at approximately 1:15 pm. At that time it appeared that ICE had left the restaurant. The restaurant was open and patrons were could be seen dining inside.

 I did speak to an individual who witnessed a portion of the events that unfolded at the restaurant, but I have to say that when I asked this person what they had seen the individual was uncomfortable and reluctant to be interviewed.

At 4:30 pm Wednesday, I contacted ICE media representative Khalid Walls, and am currently waiting for confirmation regarding detainment's.

Jeff Brown
Editor / Publisher
Purple Walrus Press.
Sava's Restaurant downtown Ann Arbor Wed, May 24. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Ongoing coverage of the amazing mowing sheep of Ypsilanti day two!

At approximately 10:00 am Wednesday morning, May 24, Purple Walrus Press checked in with the amazing grass mowing sheep of know, just to make sure they were ok, and to see if they had decided to stage a protest or sit in or something like that. But alas, there they were , just munching away on the grassy knoll, or rather, hill, there in Riverside Park in Ypsi. In fact, they were behaving just like...sheep! The sheep seemed quite content and focused on completing their task of 'mowing.' They were putting their hearts and souls into their work. You could just tell!

How about a brief recap. Sometime ago, I'm not sure when, the City of Ypsilanti decided to use sheep to 'mow' "challenging" spaces in Riverside Park in Ypsilanti instead of human beings. I know! Great idea! I mean, what human being wants to spend the day schleping a lawn mower up and down a grassy knoll anyway unless its for a paycheck. Oops, that's for another story. But anyway, the City of Ypsilanti decided to contract a cool sounding company called Project Mow and their sheep to do the dirty work of grooming (chewing) cleaning (licking) cutting (biting) tall grass on a grassy knoll in the park. You get the picture.

But, back to day two of the amazing mowing sheep! As I approached the grassy knoll I immediately noticed that all of them (the sheep) were lying down under their little hut house place. Aha! They WERE staging a protest! A sit down strike! But wait...No, suddenly, one of the little sheep turned and looked at me, and then stood up and ambled his/her way back over to the hill. Soon, the rest of the sheep followed him/her and soon all the sheep were back to mowing the grassy knoll. T'was a glorious sight to behold. Well, it was kinda cute, anyway. This whole project is just like living back in the 1800's I bet! Yep, its just like the Little House On the Prairie TV show! In fact, I was looking for Melissa Gilbert to show up and come running down the grassy knoll!

It has, however, proven difficult to find out how much money the City of Ypsilanti is paying the sheep, I mean, Project Mow. I do know that the work is being contracted by the City of Ypsilanti, but as far as figures, so far, I have been unable find the information regarding the cost of the project after a couple attempts. I'll let you know when I find out.

Meanwhile, who cares about the cost, right!?

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
This guy is onto me. Photos Purple Walrus Press.