Monday, June 26, 2017

Congressman Dan Kildee Michigan's Fifth District addresses Flint Bishop Airport attack on House Floor.

June , 22, 2017, Congressman Dan Kildee of Michigan's Fifth District spoke on the House Floor of Representatives about the attack on police officer Jeff Neville at Flint Bishop Airport. The occurred on June 21 and is being investigated as an act of terrorism by the FBI. Kildee acknowledged Lieutenant Jeff Neville and several other individuals who helped subdue the attacker.

According to a press release sent from Congressman's Kildee's office, "Yesterday, in my hometown of Flint, Michigan, there was a violent attack on a police officer at Flint Bishop International Airport. And like many in my community, I am shocked and horrified by this cowardly attack.

Initially, Neville was listed in critical condition at a Flint hospital. In the days since the attack Neville's condition has been upgraded to stable.

Neville was attacked with a large knife at Flint Bishop Airport by Amor Ftouhi, 50, of Canada. Ftouhi is currently being held in custody pending an investigation by the FBI.

Jeff Brown
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cross Street Block Party in Ypsilanti draws a crowd Friday evening.

The rain stopped, temperatures were in the comfortable 70's and it was Friday night! What else could one ask for heading into the weekend? How about the first annual Ypsilanti Cross Street Block Party!? Friday evening, June 23, 2017, several Ypsilanti businesses along Cross Street took part the Cross Street Block Party adjacent to the campus of Eastern Michigan University.

The Block Party was coordinated by Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea Ypsi located at 735 W. Cross Street in Ypsilanti. Businesses on Cross Street taking part in the event included Tower Inn, The Wurst Bar, Insomnia Cookies, and Friends Closet.

The event included live music, grilling and activities. All in attendance were upbeat and the mood was positive. Not a bad way to start the weekend in Ypsi!

Jeff Brown
Editor & Publisher
Purple Walrus Press.
Photos Purple Walrus Press.
Megan Robeson of Sweetwaters Ypsilanti.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Clean up underway Border to Border Trail Water Street Redevelopment area Ypsilanti

Many residents in Ypsilanti may be wondering what is happening with the Border to Border Trail located in the Water Street Redevelopment area in Ypsi. The portion of the picturesque trail that winds along the Huron River between Grove Road and Michigan Ave has been closed for over a year due to soil contamination at the site of the trail located in the Water Street Redevelopment area.

Purple Walrus Press recently reached out to Ypsilanti Director of Economic Development Beth Ernat for information regarding the current status of the trail. Ernat told PWP that the section of the trail situated between Grove Rd and Michigan Ave has been closed due to the fact that the City found contaminated soils around the path. Ernat stated that this portion of the path has been closed since the trail was built.

In order to create a solution to the contamination issue, the City of Ypsilanti received a grant from the Washtenaw County Brownfield Authority for remediation activities surrounding the trail. Ernat added that the Trail itself remains safe because the asphalt creates a sufficient barrier.

According to Ernat, "Remediation work will be on-going into July. Currently, clean fill has been brought to the site and small site preparation activities have occurred."

Trucks and heavy machinery will be on-site for the next few weeks in order to dig and scrape the contaminated soil off the area before adding clean soil.

Jeff Brown
Editor & Publisher
Purple Walrus Press.

Photos Purple Walrus Press.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Homicide suspect wanted for questioning in death of Ypsilanti/Detroit resident Latisha Bargaineer

According to a Thursday, June 22 press release from the Ypsilanti Police Department, on June 20, 2017, the Ypsilanti Police Department was notified that a possible homicide suspect may be residing within the city of Ypsilanti. The Ypsilanti Police Department was advised after Detroit Police were investigating the death of 29 year old Ypsilanti/Detroit resident Latisha Bargaineer. On June 18, 2017, Bargaineer was found deceased in a red Ford Flex. The vehicle was typically driven by her boyfriend Demetrius Montgomery. According to the press release, Ypsilanti Police discovered what is being considered a possible crime scene inside the couples Ypsilanti apartment that is located in the 300 block of W. Cross St.

According to the press release, "Mr. Montgomery is wanted for questioning involving Ms. Bargaineer's death." According to police Montgomery may be in a black GMC Yukon, Michigan Reg. of DRR6262 taken from Montgomery's cousin near the area of the location where Bargaineer was found. According to the release, "Until further evidence indicated otherwise, we are treating this case as a homicide."

Mr. Montgomery is not in custody. It is important that he be approached with caution. Police add Mr. Montgomery is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Jeff Brown
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Purple Walrus Press.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

News Alert: Officer stabbed in neck Bishop Airport in Flint Wednesday morning. Flint City Hall on lock down.

Updated Wednesday June 21, 2017,  6:20 PM.

WJRT ABC 12 News station in Flint is reporting that an officer has been stabbed in the neck at Bishop Airport in Flint. Officials have stated that a police officer was stabbed in the neck around 9 AM Wednesday, morning June 21. According to WJRT Channel 12 News Flint, Bishop Airport has been evacuated and is now closed as of 12:32 Wednesday afternoon.

Sources have stated to WJRT Flint that Lieutenant Jeff Neville, who retired from the Genesse County Sheriff's Office, has been stabbed in the neck. Neville is currently listed in stable condition. Sources tell WJRT News that Neville was attacked from behind while stationed near the escalators by an individual with a large knife.

According to Channel 12 News Flint, the western side of Bishop Airport is lined with police and emergency vehicles. The police and law enforcement vehicles are backed up from Bristol to Torrey Road in Flint near the airport.

According to airport officials all of the passengers are safe, although sources tell WJRT that there were 100 people at one point who were standing on the sidewalk in front of the terminal.

As of 12:32 PM Wednesday, Flint City Hall and the Flint Police Dept are on lock down for precautionary reasons according to WJRT.

This is a developing story. Please stay tuned for updates.

As of 2:34 PM Wednesday Bishop International Airport in Flint has issued an update:

According to Bishop Airport, " The stabbing incident at the airport remains under FBI led investigation. Local, state and federal agencies are on the scene. The airport remains closed until further notice. The police officer is in stable condition. The suspect is in custody and is currently being questioned.

 According to WJRT the stabbing is being investigated as an act of terrorism.

UPDATE: Wednesday June 21, 2017, 6:20: At approximately 5:30 PM Wednesday June 21, 2017 the FBI held a press conference at Flint Bishop International Airport. According to FBI Special Agent in charge David Gelios, the FBI is running the investigation. The stabbing is being investigated as an act of terrorism. Gelios stated that the attacker is a 50 year old Canadian citizen named Amor Fatouhi who entered the United State through Up State New York on June 16, 2017.

According to Gelios, the attacker used a 12 inch knife with an 8 inch serrated blade. According to wittinesses during the attack Ftouhi yelled Allahu Akbar and then said, "You have killed people in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan."

Special Agent Gelios stated that Ftouhi entered the airport in a public non-secure area and entered an airport restaurant just prior to the attack. Ftouhi did not go through a screening area.

Officer Neville is in a Flint hospital in stable condition and did require surgery.

Jeff Brown
Editor & Publisher
Purple Walrus Press.