Friday, May 25, 2018

Porn And A Song: By PWP contributor Dolly Tittle of Ypsilanti.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Since down is up and up is down, referring to the fact that Donald Trump is our President, I would like to reflect on two thoughts, a couple of things that I would have never imagined.  One is that the world will owe a debt of gratitude to a porn star one day.  I am personally grateful for her now.  Coming forward and tackling the issue was the one thing she could do to cover her ass.  I mean no disrespect to her but it is a humorous figure of speech for someone who exposes herself for a living.  I digress, I have always felt that pornography equals exploitation.  And while it is audacious for some women to be empowered by their bodies and make a living, I still see more of the degrading aspects of the job (e.g., pleasuring male fantasies, etc.) and less of the bravery.  But Stormy Daniels, this professional in the art of the erotic, has played her cards well.  Lying about her may be the downfall of Donald Trump, not tax evasion, not sexual assault, not plain incompetence, not his deals with Russia, but lying about his relationship with a porn star.
If an adult film professional is the only pro that can put an end to this phony administration and end the appointment of the man seated at one of the most powerful offices on Earth, can a hymn, the Star Spangled Banner, do the same thing for professional football?  Down is up, up is down.  We all know that this barbaric sport is out of control.  The research for brain injuries and concussions in this sport is staggering.  There is something that feels dirty about watching men hurt each other, like gladiators in Roman times.  But like porn, it is addictive.  The hours of the days, the days of the weeks, and the seasons of the years are set aside to be devoted to this sport.  Football has managed to survive all the TV viewing trends, and changes, and has managed to maintain a live audience at its beckon.   The NFL’s new policy on the national anthem requiring athletes to stand is a pretty drastic move for a country boasting inalienable rights.  Will that be enough for viewers who are on the fence of the morality of supporting this sport to stop watching?  Can a song written two centuries ago be the Key, pun intended, to destabilizing this monumental American household staple?  It’s too soon to know, but it would be as unexpected as a porn star saving the U.S. of A.

Dolly R. Tittle is a Puerto Rican mom who has lived in Ypsilanti, MI since 1993.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

On the Flint Water Crisis: Contributed to PWP by Flint activist Melissa Mays.

By Melissa Mays.

Flint residents. It is time to contact your City Council people to express how important it is that THOUSANDS of Flint residents not lose their homes due to the inability to pay the highest rates in the United States for poison water.
Maurice D DavisKate FieldsSantino J. Guerra , Monica Galloway Councilwoman 7th WardEric MaysJerri Winfrey-CarterHerbert WinfreyEva WorthingAllan GriggsKaren Williams Weaver
PLEASE do what's right and vote FOR the Moratorium that stops poisoned Flint residents from becoming HOMELESS because they cannot afford the poison being forced upon them.
PLEASE STOP allowing the continued punishment against the poor & poisoned YOU are supposed to represent.
Residents, call your council person and plan on going to the Committee meeting tomorrow at 5 pm at City Hall.
Phone numbers:
Eric Mays (810) 922-4860 (cell)
Maurice Davis (810) 397-3205 (cell)
Santino J. Guerra (810) 449-9619 (cell)
Kate Fields (810) 766-7418 ext. 3164
Jerri Winfrey-Carter (810) 397-3621 (cell)
Herbert Winfrey (810) 449-8711 (cell)
Monica Galloway (810) 423-7332 (cell)
Allan Griggs. (810) 397-3691 (cell)
Eva Worthing. (810) 210-8347 (cell)*
*Eva thankfully already supports the moratorium to stop the tax liens/foreclosures. We need to make sure the rest of our local elected officials see how important it is to protect the most vulnerable and not kick them out into the streets over a water bill. This shameful action will REDUCE the taxbase, shrink the amount of water rate payers AND leave thousands of homes open for blight. A vote to kick THOUSANDS of poisoned residents out of their homes is a vote to further destroy our city.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Dershowitz seems to argue two main things: By PWP contributor Brooks Parola, formerly of Flint Town.

By Brooks Parola: PWP. 

So Dershowitz seems to argue two main things:
1) The entire election was corrupted on many levels, so an independent, non-partisan commission should have been created to look into the election, instead of Mueller, whose focus is strictly on whether Trump colluded with Russia.
2) The laws regarding foreign interference in elections are too vague for anyone to really know if the Russians violated any laws.
Okay, but what he fails to acknowledge is the REASONABLE SUSPICION that existed from the very beginning that Trump might have colluded with the Russians. And good god folks, there was plenty of reasonable suspicion, that justified Mueller’s appointment.
Secondly, what’s Dershowitz’s bias in assuming that Mueller is incapable of knowing and understanding what the laws are, and which of those have been violated? Why is Dershowitz’s desired commission the only ones capable of doing that? And how can he make such assumptions BEFORE Mueller issues his final report?
His entire assumption that Mueller’s very existence is biased is absolute nonsense.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thanks a lot to the guy who called me a "F@#*ing* Fat Ass" in the Ypsi Walgreens parking lot Saturday. Jeez.

Photo Purple Walrus Press.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

I would like to give the gentleman who called me a "Fucking Fat Ass" Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of the Ypsi Washtenaw Ave Walgreens a thank you. So, here's the story. I was backing out of a parking space when another car was simultaneously backing into the space next to me. The thing is that the individual who was backing into the space didn't seem to know that I was backing out and, it appeared that if I didn't quickly stop backing up myself, she would have hit me. Anyway, after the other car parked I did give the driver a little look, as if to say, hey, you almost hit me. Suddenly, a guy in the passenger seat jumped out of the car, came over to my car, gave me the finger, and said to me loudly, "Fuck you, you fucking fat ass!" Jeez.

Now friends, I do know that I have indeed gained a few pounds around the old waistline over the past few years and that my blue jeans are not as comfy as they used to be, but "Fucking Fat ass? " Ooh, ouch! So, what did I do in retaliation to this vulgar insult in the Ypsi Walgreen parking lot?... I rolled down my passenger side window and with most likely a look of bewilderment, anger, and devastation (at being called fat) I said....what!? Yep, that was my comeback. But here's the amazing part. The guy said, "I'm sorry. You didn't do anything." The fellow then reached into my car to shake my hand...which I shook. Wow! The whole thing was kind of bizarre and really maddening. I mean the guy called me a fat ass. Great.

To be honest, on  the way home all I could think was, am I fat? Anyway, I get home and immediately call a friend of mine. I call and my friend picks up the phone.."Hey", he says. I say, "Am I fat?" I'm serious! I was quite pathetic. My friend assured me that I was not fat, just carrying a few extra pounds. Fair enough.

Here's my takeaway from the whole wretched ordeal..Americans have become very skilled at being nasty to each other. I know, I know, that sounds like a really bombastic statement, but that's what I think. I mean, nothing gets on the nerves of Americans more than...other Americans! Sadly, if people don't share our political views, we hate them. This happens on the right and the left. If we don't like the way someone else is driving in front of us, or, god forbid, cuts us off, we want to pulverize them. Well, maybe not PULVERIZE them, but you get my drift. I think that what it is is that many of us Americans are frustrated, on edge, pissed off, stressed out and angry. And, sadly, for good reason.

Honestly, I think its kind of cool that guy who called me a fucking fat ass apologized right there on the spot. However, he's a complete jerk for calling me a fucking fat ass. Fat ass?! Jeez. I need some comfort food.

Where I was parked when guy called me fat ass. Photo PWP.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Parola Perspective: Congrats Meghan and Harry: By Brooks Parola, formerly of Flint.

It's progress, and it's important progress. Like Obama's presidency, it's always important to see nations who have long histories of racial discrimination, take a step like this.
Now hopefully we've learned our lesson, and won't be naive enough to, like we did with Obama's presidency, suggest that we've moved into a "post racial" world. Because boy have we been proven wrong!
But we can't dismiss this wedding either. We must recognize the progress it represents. I've been a proud mutt my entire life, and while I'm not naive enough to think that we can ever wipe the scourge of racism completely from the face of the earth, I've always believed that the more interracial, interethnic offspring the world creates, the closer we get to that ultimate goal.
So, congrats Meghan and Harry, and thank you for making the world, a closer, civil, and loving place.