Monday, March 23, 2015

Demonstrators In My Hometown Of Flint Protest City's Water

Members of the community organized a demonstration in downtown Flint Sunday protesting the city's water. The demonstration coincided with United Nations Water day. This according to a Flint Journal article posted Sunday. Protesters gathered by Flint City Hall and marched to the Flint River several blocks away.

I know that for months residents of Flint have been up in arms over the quality of the city's water supply and rightfully so. During recent months there have been many demonstrations protesting the quality of the cities water.

Here is a quote from Flint resident Andre White.  Andre was a classmate of mine back in Junior high school in Flint. Here is a quote from Andre, I corresponded with Andre Sunday night." GM left, and those of us who stayed here, survived that. Now we're getting water from our own back yard and being charged five times what Detroit charged us." Andre perfectly summed up the entire debacle and speaks for many.

As stated in The Flint Journal there is an organization in Flint called "Water You Fighting For". Check them out on facebook. I will. Stay tuned for updates on the matter.

Jeff Brown

Editor in Chief

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