Saturday, March 21, 2015

Purple Walrus Press Is Back And Ready For Action!

Purple Walrus Press is back and as founder, Editor in Chief,  article writer, and all that jazz, I'm excited! So why after a few years of Purple Walrus Press did I decide to cease operations at the end of 2014? Well, it is as they say, complicated. Oh, but who cares! The main thing is that after four months of no PWP I  decided that I missed having a publication. I mean, I started to realize that having my own publication was really cool! I mean I had access to some really cool stuff! Plus having Purple Walrus Press just sounded really cool! I got free press passes to incredible concerts and theater productions and was also able to meet and interact with wonderful people, even famous people! See what I mean! But seriously, I did miss having Purple Walrus Press and am very happy to be back.

Purple Walrus Press shed light on many important issues locally as well as nationally. I am particularly proud of PWP coverage of the botched Ypsilanti/Willow Run school merger. The merger was not only handled poorly, but many teachers suffered severe consequences.

Look at PWP as news with a view. We will attempt to cover and/or bring a different perspective to news on a local, national and international level. There will still be music and theater reviews as well, just like before. Plus, there will be all kinds of other articles and opinions! PWP is deeply interested in human rights and social justice issues. Also, look for up-coming columns and features from contributing writers, Tom (Joe Bad) Rose and artist Mike Mcateer.

We are glad to be back and hope that you are glad too!

Jeff Brown

Editor in Chief

Purple Walrus Press

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