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For several years I'd been kicking around the idea of creating an alternative news publication. Then one day, Eureka! I up and did it! I founded Purple Walrus Press in October of 2012, and nine years later PWP is very much on the radar of those who enjoy reading news from a local, independent source.

Here's where you come in! Just like pledging to support NPR or subscribing to the NY Times, you can support PWP  via PayPal. Any amount is greatly appreciated. No amount is too small. If you appreciate the contribution we make to local media please consider making a financial donation.

What exactly are you supporting? Well, PWP is an Ypsilanti based publication that is primarily focused on Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor area news, although we also address issues and news on a state and national level. Purple Walrus Press strives to shine a light on interesting topics and provide perspectives not always featured in the mainstream media. PWP also covers breaking news events in and around the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area.

In addition to our news coverage, PWP features music and theater reviews! Purple Walrus Press publishes online articles daily on our website. Look for interesting columns on topics of local, state and national issues from various PWP writers as well as reporting and opinions from yours truly, of course!

Thank you for your encouragement & support!
Jeff Brown
Founder & Editor in Chief, Purple Walrus Press

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  1. Good afternoon,
    I'm a free lance journalist that is starting out and was wondering if you would be interested in publishing some of my writing. I have written for the WCC Voice, and WeLoveAnnArbor / WeLoveDexter. I live in Ypsilanti and have some ideas for features on topics that would be of interest to your audience. I am not looking to be paid at this time, but rather seeking an audience beyond my Wordpress site. I would be happy to provide you with some samples of my work as well discuss my ideas, either in person or via email. I look forward to hearing from you.