Friday, May 29, 2020

Tense Standoff Between Protesters and Police in Downtown Detroit late Friday Night in Wake of Death of George Floyd.

By Editor in Chief and Publisher Jeff Brown.

As of 10:30 PM there is a tense standoff between protesters and police in downtown Detroit in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

At approximately 10:10 Friday night, Detroit police put on tear gas masks and began crossing Jefferson Ave pushing protesters across the street. Police had their hands on billy clubs and pepper spray. As of 10:30 pm the situation is extremely tense.

This is an ongoing story. Stay tuned.

Update 8:30 AM May 30.

A 19 year old male was shot and killed Friday night in downtown Detroit close to Congress and Randolph Streets during protest. A car pulled up and shot into a crowd of protesters.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Demonstrators Protest Thursday In Ann Arbor In Reaction To Violent Washtenaw Deputy Incident Where Officer Accused of Repeatedly Punching Ypsilanti Township Woman In Face.

Photo Jeff Brown Purple Walrus Press.

By Editor in Chief & Publisher Jeff Brown.

For the third straight day a substantial number of angry protesters demonstrated in front of the Washtenaw County Sheriffs Department on Hogback Road in Ann Arbor in reaction to a white Washtenaw County deputy repeatedly hitting a black woman in the face. The violent Washtenaw County deputy incident occurred a little after midnight on May 26 in the Ypsilanti Township Apple Ridge neighborhood on the eastern edge of the township.

County deputies had responded to shots fired in the neighborhood in the 200 block of Peachcrest Street on May 26. Shortly after the police responded a resident of the neighborhood video recorded the police checking out a home on the street as they were searching for the person or persons who fired the shots. As seen in the video, two people on the sidewalk in front of the home approached officers on the scene. It appeared that words were exchanged when suddenly you can see a deputy picking up Sha'Teina Grady El and then putting her down. Next, it appeared that the officer began repeatedly punching her in the face. The video has been widely viewed on social media and has sparked anger in the black community.

Thursday, May 28, a third protest was held by demonstrators angry with the violent incident. The protest began at 1:00 PM in front of the Washtenaw County Sheriffs Department on Hogback Rd in Ann Arbor. By approximately 3:00 PM protesters marched into the middle of Washtenaw Ave, and headed west until they reached the vicinity of Discount Tire before heading back east on Washtenaw where the demonstration dissipated. Police blocked off sections of Carpenter and Washtenaw Ave  near the County Sheriffs Department. U.S 23 entrance and exit ramps were also closed off by police.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Ypsilanti Township Residents Angered By Police Incident That Became Violent Late Monday.

By Editor in Chief & Publisher Jeff Brown.

Late Monday night/early Tuesday morning the Washtenaw County Sheriffs Dept responded to a situation that occurred in the Apple Ridge neighborhood located on the east side of Ypsilanti Township. Video of the incident was recorded by a person who appears to be a resident of the neighborhood.

The video of the incident shows at least six of what are appear to be Washtenaw County Police vehicles on the scene in a block of the neighborhood. Next, an officer is shown standing underneath the window of a home on the block. The officers appears to communicate with a person, or persons in the house. Soon, a couple other officers come into view who are approaching the house from the street. Next, two civilians are seen walking down the sidewalk from the right of the screen.

Soon, things become tense and violent. One of the individuals walking on the sidewalk approaching officers appears to say something to one of the officers. Suddenly, another officer is seen going after the other individual who is female on the sidewalk, and then picks the woman up and carries her a few feet. The officer is then seen striking the female individual several time on the face and or head.

At this point it seems that a sizable group of understandably angry and concerned people from the neighborhood were then on the street witnessing what had occurred.

Purple Walrus Press spoke with Ypsilanti Township Trustee Monica Williams Tuesday afternoon. Williams told Purple Walrus Press that she has called for an investigation. Williams added, "I expect a statement from the Washtenaw County Sheriff Department."

Purple Walrus Press contacted the Washtenaw County Sheriffs Dept, but as of  6:00 PM the sheriffs Department has not responded.

Full video of the incident can be seen in the original facebook live post here.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Michigan National Guard Assisting With Voluntary COVID 19 Testing for Long Term Care Facility Staff & Residents.

Editor in Chief & Publisher Jeff Brown.

According to a press release from the State Emergency Operations Center, the Michigan National Guard has joined a collaborative effort with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and State Emergency Operations Center to assist with voluntary COVID-19 testing for staff and residents at the request of long term care facilities across Michigan. 
To date: 
  • From May 7-4, the Michigan National Guard Michigan National Guard assisted the Upper Peninsula Health Department, DHHS, and SEOC by completing testing at seven long term care facilities in the Upper Peninsula.
  • From May 15-22, Michigan National Guard testing teams assisted in Oakland, Genesee, Kent, Muskegon, Washtenaw, Wayne, Ingham, Saginaw, and Macomb counties.   
  • Support to DHHS testing is expected to continue, based on DHHS priority, through the end of May with Kalamazoo, Calhoun, St. Clair, Ottawa, Berrien, Gratiot, Bay, Eaton, Grand Traverse and Livingston counties.    
According to the media release, “The Michigan National Guard is made up of men and women who strive to provide innovative solutions and performance excellence to the citizens of Michigan,” said Maj. Gen. Paul Rogers, Adjutant General and Director of the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. “We look forward to continuing our support to communities, especially the most vulnerable populations.”

According to the statement, the Michigan National Guard has more than 60 trained testing teams ready to assist, 15 of which are currently assigned to support this long term care facility testing mission. Separate teams have recently supported Michigan Department of Corrections facilities throughout the state. These three-member teams include a certified medic to conduct the testing and two members to assist with paperwork, logistics, and non-medical tasks. Teams are equipped to perform testing, or to train staff members to perform testing at the discretion of the long term care facility.  

“Widespread testing will be the most crucial tool we have in protecting Michiganders from COVID-19 and lowering the chance of a second wave,” said Gov. Grethchen Whitmer. “Residents and staff in our long-term care facilities are uniquely vulnerable to the spread of this virus, and I’m proud to work with Maj. Gen. Rogers and our dedicated guard members to ensure people in these facilities can get tested easily. We will get through this together.” 

All team members have tested negative for COVID-19 and have been self-isolating in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance to ensure health and safety and to protect Michigan communities. The teams wear personal protective equipment, including Tyvek suits, face shields, nitrile gloves, and face mask (N-95 or surgical, as appropriate).   
Information around this outbreak is changing rapidly. The latest information is available   at and This according to the State Emergency Response Center.

Joe Biden Gaffs: By Purple Walrus Press Contributor Brooks Parola.

Folks, Joe Biden will continue to stick his foot in it. He’s only done it his entire political career, and he’s clearly not stopping now. That is a reality we must understand and learn to live with. Why? Because Biden’s occasional gaffs, are still far less offensive than the things Trump says on a daily basis. And Biden, as he did today, will at least apologize for it later, something Trump will never do.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Midland Michigan Flood: 20 State Trunkline and Local Bridges Impacted by Flooding.

Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.
According to the Michigan State Police, at this time, more than 20 state trunkline and local agency bridges have been impacted by flooding and will require extensive inspections prior to reopening to the public. Many bridges have also suffered damage that will need to be repaired before reopening. MDOT will continue to monitor several high-water situations impacting roadways and bridges across the area. 

"We can't expect to see many of these bridges reopen in the next week," said MDOT Bay Region Engineer Robert Ranck, Jr. "However, our department is already establishing emergency contracts to begin inspections and repairs to structures as soon as water levels recede enough to allow that work. These efforts are underway, and we will continue to expedite this work safely and efficiently." This according to the Michigan State Police.

"We appreciate the swift action of our first responders and MDOT staff who have worked to safely close impacted roads across our region," said MDOT Bay Region Bridge Engineer Paul Schiefer. "We're asking the public to continue to follow any safety advisories issued and respect any road barricades you may encounter. Under no circumstances should anyone drive or walk around any barricades during these flooding concerns." 
MDOT is expecting more closures as water levels continue to rise through Saginaw County and is moving additional temporary barricades from other MDOT facilities and local road commissions to help stage those closures once necessary. This according MSP.

On May 19, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency for Midland County, helping to ensure federal aid availability for areas impacted by flooding.
ESSENTIAL WORK: Transportation workers in the field follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines to limit their risk of getting sick.                                                             

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Michigan Attorney General Nessel Announces Summary Suspension Orders Issued Against Karl Manke's Barber and Barber Shop Licenses.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

According to a press release Purple Walrus Press received from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessels office late Wednesday afternoon, May 13, Owosso barber Karl Manke’s professional license as well as the license for his barbershop were summarily suspended and an administrative licensing complaint was issued, Attorney General Dana Nessel announced today in coordination with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). 

According to the press release, the Attorney General’s office issued an administrative licensing complaint on Tuesday, alleging several violations of the Michigan Occupational Code and administrative rules, including gross negligence and willful violations of the health and safety rules of a political subdivision.   

According to the statement, licensing actions follow Manke’s statements that he will continue to operate his barbershop despite Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders requiring closure of facilities offering non-essential personal care services. Local police recently cited Manke for violations of such orders.  Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon issued an Imminent Danger and Abatement Order, requiring Manke to close his barbershop. He did not comply with that health order either.  

According to Wednesday's statement from Nessels office, “Mr. Manke’s actions in violating Gov. Whitmer’s executive orders as well as other health orders put the public at risk for contracting COVID-19,” Nessel said. “Anytime you have a barber or other professional providing services to numerous citizens in close proximity to each other and those citizens are then returning to their various residences, there is a risk of contracting and spreading the virus. It is paramount that we take action to protect the public and do our part to help save lives.”   

The Occupational Code allows LARA to summarily suspend a professional license if there is an imminent threat to the public health, safety and welfare. An order of summary suspension is a temporary measure to protect the public and not a final determination that a licensee has violated the Occupational Code. This according to the press release.

Michigan Governor Whitmer Will Provide Update on State's Response to COVID 19 Today.

By Editor in Chief & Publisher Jeff Brown.

According to a Wednesday, May 13 press release from the State Emergency Response Center, Goveror Whitmer and the Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun will provide an update in regard to the state's response efforts to COVID 19.Today they will be joined by Maureen Frances who is a local realtor and small business owner Rachel Lutz to discuss the Michigan Safe Start plan.

The governor's update will begin at 3:00 and will be aired on local stations.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Parola Perspective In Brief: By PWP contributor Brooks Parola: We Need A New Deal Folks.

And just like another famous Republican, Herbert Hoover, Trump and the GOP aren't doing shit!!
We need a new New Deal folks! Stop making the unemployed jack around with unemployment systems like the one in Florida specifically designed by Republicans to NOT help people!
Everyone that is unemployed should be getting a minimum monthly stipend of $2,000 directly from the treasury similar to the stimulus checks (minus Trump's name) until this pandemic has passed, and they can all go back to work.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

2020 Ann Arbor Art Fair Has Been Canceled Due To COVID 19.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

According to a Thursday, May 7 press release from the Ann Arbor Art Fair organization, the 2020 Ann Arbor Art Fair has been canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This would have been the 61st annual Ann Arbor Art Fair.

According to a statement from the organization, "It is with heavy hearts that the Directors of the four
individual Ann Arbor Art Fairs come together to announce the decision to cancel the 2020 Ann
Arbor Art Fair. This was an extremely difficult decision, as we know how deeply this impacts the
participating artists, local businesses and the broader Ann Arbor community. However, the
Covid-19 virus has changed the world as we know it and the safety of our visitors, artists, and
area residents is the top priority. We are deeply saddened, but we have consulted with City
officials and determined that we are just not able to produce the Art Fair in a manner that will
adhere to the mandated social distancing requirements that lie ahead."

Monday, May 4, 2020

On This Day 50 Years Ago Four Kent State University Students Were Killed On Campus Forever Changing America.

Article written by Purple Walrus Press contributor Brooks Parola, formerly of Flint.
One of the most disgusting and horrific moments in American history...Yeah, there's a good idea: lets bring a military force onto a college campus to control a group of students so outraged by the war, (and the military) that they've burned down the ROTC building. Lets also allow those guardsmen to have LIVE ammunition in their guns as opposed to say something like rubber bullets, or why not just equip them with tear gas. Now clearly the burning of the ROTC building, the damaging of property in Kent never should have happened, and was the impetus for calling in the National Guard. This is why left-wing protests should always be about non-violence. Using violence provides an excuse for the right-wing to not only use deadly force, but after it's all said and done, "law and order" America will claim you deserved to be shot and killed for your violent behavior, which is exactly what happened.
Let's also keep in mind the historical context. By 1970 people, especially those on college campuses were fed up with this morally reprehensible war. They were fed up by 1968, which is why LBJ didn't bother running for a second term; he knew he'd lose. The guy who did win, "Tricky-Dick Nixon" campaigned on a promise that he had a "secret plan to end the war". That was utter bullshit, and by 1970, not only was he not ending the war, but he was now expanding it into neutral Cambodia. And as with the war itself, all being done without an official congressional declaration of war, as the constitution requires...I'd say the students had every right to be fucking pissed.
So here we are at Kent State, and our troops are not just killing innocent Vietnamese and Cambodians, hundreds of miles away, but now they are KILLING OUR OWN KIDS HERE AT HOME!! The state has now sanctioned the use of deadly force against it's own people!