Friday, March 31, 2017

Trump uses fake news to justify his actions

By Brooks Parola. Purple Walrus Press.

Folks, the best way to effectively use fake news, is to use it extensively while accusing your opponents of using it, to undermine their credibility.
Trump used it throughout the campaign! And as this former FBI agent and security expert testified to yesterday, much of it was Russian inspired attacks.
No sooner does Trump gain office, then he brings in Steve Bannon, one of the biggest disseminators of fake news this nation as ever seen! To this day, Trump claims opponents are using fake news against him, while he uses fake news to justify his actions!

Brooks Parola. PWP.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ken MacGregor's scary, freaky creepy book launch at Dreamland Theater in Ypsilanti...If you can handle it.

Alright folks, lets see. How to begin this article? Ok, I've got it. Ahem... It is with great trepidation that I relay to you the Ken MacGregor book launch at Dreamland Theater in Ypsilanti April 15. Why the trepidation? Well, because I'm a big chicken when it comes to creepy, scary, Gory stuff! Listen, any horror or book created after about 1970 is too scary for me, ok? I mean The Day The Earth Stood Still is my speed.

This leads me to the new Ken MacGregor book titled Sex, Gore, and Millipedes, and by all accounts its, um, weird, and full of all kinds of erotic super freaky, scary, and gory stuff! Erotic? Maybe I'll take a peek. But seriously. according to the author, this event is NOT FOR KIDS.

MacGregor is celebrating the launch of his second collection at the Dreamland Theater from 5 to 9 pm on April 15. But, as stated above, the event is definitely not for children. This is clearly stated in the press release.

According to the press release, "The cover has nudity and graphic gore." Yike. The release also states, "The stories within are even more brutal. Anyone 17 and older is welcome, but please leave the kids at home." Double yikes.

According to MacGregor, "This is all the truly sick stuff I've written in the last six years." Sex Gore and Millipedes is comprised of 14 stories specially selected to make the reader uncomfortable. Actually, I'm already uncomfortable just writing this. Oy.

Well, if you can stomach it, check out this event on April 15 at Dreamland Theater located at 26. N. Washington Street in Ypsi from 5 to 9. I think I'm going to pass on it on account of I'm so chicken, but you go ahead. You can tell me all about it while I'm sipping coffee at Cross Street Coffee.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Friends with the Weather let the good vibes flow at the Ark in Ann Arbor Tuesday night.

Anyone who took a chance at Take a Chance Tuesday at the Ark in Ann Arbor Tuesday evening March 28, was treated to one fantastic show! Friends with the Weather brought their brand of folk, rock and funk to the stage and serenaded the Ark with a set of strong, upbeat and downright inspirational music. At its core Friends with the Weather consists of three singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalists. The trio includes Seth Hendricks, Chris Good, and David Hupp. They have recently released a new self titled album and its awesome! I know because I reviewed it last month!

From the moment the band took the stage Tuesday night the good vibes began to flow as song after song brimmed with soul funk infused inspirational and positive messages about life and all of its nuances. We are living in cynical, and frightening times in the United States these days. Its pretty darn scary out there with the repressive policies of the Trump administration. That being said, much of the subject matter in Friends with the Weather songs performed Tuesday night revolved around the messages of hope, understanding, positivity, and not being afraid to be yourself. Important and relevant themes in this day and age.

But at the heart of the groups performance was impeccable, passionate, and inspired musicianship on the part of each musician. Vocalist and multi instrumentalist Seth Hendricks was particularly impeccable! His singing was assured, soulful and reminded me a lot of James Taylor.

I'm sure that everyone left the Ark Tuesday feeling as uplifted and inspired as I did.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.

Friends with the Weather at the Ark in Ann Arbor Tuesday night. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

Monday, March 27, 2017

EMU names Christian Spears as interim Athletic Director.

Eastern Michigan University has named Christian Spears as interim Athletic Director according to a press release from EMU. The news was announced Monday, March 27 by EMU President James Smith. As of Monday Spears will be taking over the reins as AD. Former EMU AD Heather Lyke decided to leave EMU and has accepted the position of AD at the University of Pittsburgh. Monday was Lykes's last day as director of athletics at EMU. She will be missed.

For the past three years Spears has served as
the Deputy Director of Athletics at Eastern. Prior to coming to EMU Spears spent five years with the athletic department at Northern Illinois.

According to Spears, "It is such an honor to be named interim AD and I am grateful to President Smith for the opportunity and to Heather Lyke for preparing me to lead."

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
photo Purple Walrus Press.

Car accident at corner of Mansfield and Cross in Ypsilanti.

As of 5:10 Monday afternoon there has been a serious car accident at the intersection of Mansfield and Cross Street in Ypsilanti. I was at the scene minutes ago and can report a two car accident with both vehicles showing extensive damage. I did see that the air bag was deployed in one vehicle, and would imagine that the air bag also deployed in the other vehicle based on the amount of damage.

The driver of a tow truck at the scene told me that one female has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was not sure of her condition.

I spoke to one man who told me he was the driver of one of the vehicles in the accident. The details he gave me are a little unclear as he was quite shaken from the accident though he said he was not injured. According to the driver who told me his name was Montez, he was driving North on Mansfield, proceeding through a green light. He stated that the other vehicle struck his car as it was turning left onto Mansfield from Cross Street. This according to Montez. This is my understanding of what I was told by the driver of one of the vehicles. To be clear, this information is unconfirmed. Purple Walrus Press was unable to get a statement from police at the scene.

Jeff Brown
5:15 pm Monday, March 27. Cross and Mansfield in Ypsilanti. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rep Debbie Dingell thanks 12th district for speaking out against repeal of the ACA.

What a week for our bitterly divided country and discombobulated political system! The tumultuous week was capped by the rejection of the GOP'S proposal to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. On Friday the House of Representatives rejected the Republican  proposal to repeal the ACA.

Locally, in a press release, Debbie Dingell thanked residents of Michigan's 12th district and others across the state for making their voices heard and speaking out against the proposal to repeal the ACA. According the Fridays press release, "Today's victory shows how engaged citizens can make a difference. It is now time to work together in a bipartisan way to build off the progress we've made and find real solutions to improve the ACA for the American people."

Who knows what kind of political chaos will occur in this nation during the coming week? Fasten your seat belts!

Jeff Brown

Friday, March 24, 2017

Cesar Chavez Day of Celebration at EMU March 29.

There will be a celebration of the life of the late civil rights activist Cesar Chavez at Eastern Michigan University on Wednesday, March 29. The event will commemorate and celebrate the  accomplishments of Chavez. The event is titled, "Cesar Chavez : Day of Celebration."

According to a press release by EMU, "This celebration honors his spirit and positively influences southeastern Michigan by presenting opportunities to learn the legacy and important work of Cesar Chavez through outstanding inspirational speakers such as JoAnn Chavez.

JoAnn Chavez serves on the advisory board for the law at the University of Notre Dame. She also serves as chair of Women Build Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley. Chavez holds two degrees from Notre Dame. Chavez is Vice President, Legal and Tax Officer at DTE Energy.

The event will be held in the McKenny Hall Ballroom. The doors open at 11:30 am.

All are welcome.

Jeff Brown

Thursday, March 23, 2017

On Flint and the environment.

 Contributed to Purple Walrus Press by Flint Water Crisis activist Melissa Mays.

All work and no sleep makes me cranky. BUT we got a ton of work done this week and started a huge push forward in combining art, activism, legislation, the courts, the labs, the streets, and community empowerment to fight for clean water, air, and soil. There's a lot of work to be done but if we all set aside our differences and focus outwardly on the world around us AND the future, we can make the needed changes. For those who are wondering how to get involved, there are a lot of options and angles you can take depending on your talents and interests.
Here are some of the projects, programs, and amazing groups I'm working on/with:
Water quality, testing & legislation:
Water You Fighting For?MDP Environmental CaucusCampaign for Lead Free WaterWater DefenseUA Local 370 - Plumbers, Pipefitters & HVAC Service Trades
Community Empowerment and Well-being:
Flint RisingGenesee Health System,
Art & Activism supporting legislation to end lead poisoning:
The FUNDRED Dollar Bill Project
Making Education for Flint Kids top priority:
Education Watch Dogs (group)
My legal heroes:
Natural Resources Defense CouncilFlint Water Class Action, ACLU of MI
Feel free to check them all out! I am honored to work with all these amazing groups and people!!

Melissa Mays of Flint.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Immigrants March Ann Arbor March 25 / Divided Americans continue to loathe one another.

This country hasn't been this polarized since the Vietnam War era and it doesn't appear that this will change anytime soon. In fact, maybe citizens of our nation are even more divided, angry and apparently disgusted with each other than we were during the Johnson and Nixon era. I was a kid during the Vietnam War era but I remember it well. Today, in regard to policies under the Trump administration, Americans on both sides of the fence continue to loathe one another. The right hates the left, and the left hates the right. How or if our nation makes it's way through this current state of affairs remains to be seen.

That being said, there will be an Immigrants March on Saturday, March 25 from 1 pm to 4pm. March participants will meet at the Federal building in downtown Ann Arbor at 1 pm. I suggest that marchers and those who may wish to voice their annoyance with marchers wear their rain slickers and galoshes.

According to march organizer Erick Sanchez, "As attacks on immigrants continue to come under the Trump administration it's important that we unite together and show the president that we will not be intimidated and we demand respect and fairness."

The march will begin at the Federal Building in downtown Ann Arbor and will wind it's way to the Diag. Organizers say they want to show the world that they won't be intimidated by attacks on immigrants.

March organizers have many demands. Here are a few: Equality for all..undocumented, documented citizens, ICE out of communities, stop tearing families apart, and the defeat of House Bill 4105 Sanctuary Policy Prohibition Act. This according to organizers.

To my friends on both sides of the fence, please bring your rain slickers and galoshes as it looks like it will be a rainy day. Peace.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On Heather Lyke leaving EMU : Rats, Drats and Double Drats!

The dictionary defines the word "Drats" as an exclamation of annoyance, and dang it, that's exactly how I feel about Eastern Michigan Athletic Director Heather Lykes departure from my alma mater EMU. Drats and double drats!

There it was Monday, March 21, 2017... the press release from EMU flashing across my PWP computer screen informing that Eastern Michigan Director of Athletics Heather Lyke announced that she will leave the University and has accepted the position of AD at the University of Pittsburgh. Her last day at EMU will March 27. Ugh!

Check this out. Under the leadership of Heather Lyke, in the autumn of 2016, and this is right out of the EMU press release mind you, student athletes at EMU earned the highest GPA's in EMU athletic dept history. The fall term athletic GPA was 3.238, and the cumulative GPA was 3.266. Whether you give a damn about GPA's or not, that's not too shabby. 46 student athletes received a 4.0 GPA. Holy schmolly! By the way, EMU football went to it's first bowl game in 29 years! Plus, my 8 year old daughter met Heather at a football event that she attended with me and she said she's "Super cool!"

So I'll just say it. As a proud EMU alum I'm downright downcast (Hence the above mentioned "Drat") that Lyke is leaving EMU. She was excellent for the University.

Heck, didn't she just get here? And what does Pitt have that we don't have here anyway? Pittsburgh? Big deal. We have the Motor City! Doesn't that sound cooler? What - They have the Alleghenies? Phooey! I'll take Lake Michigan! Geez, Pennsylvania has too many hills, anyway. Well, actually the Alleghenies are pretty nice. Now, lets talk doughnuts! No way does the Pitt area have a doughnut shop as good as Dom's bakery! They really don't. I just looked. PWP has special doughnut connections across this great country of ours and none of the 15 Pittsburgh doughnut shops compare to our Dom's here in Ypsi. It's really true! Yep, I checked em all out yesterday! I've gained 10 pounds!

This whole departure thing reminds me of another annoying departure. Yes, I'm talking about EMU basketball magic man Ben Braun. It's still hard to talk about. In the 90's Braun turned EMU basketball into a super power! Well, practically. Between 1986 and 1996 Ben Braun guided EMU basketball to three NCAA berths and a Sweet Sixteen appearance! And then, and then.... he left. Ugh! Do I sound like I have a chip on my shoulder? Of course I have a chip on my shoulder.. A lot of us guys from Flint do!... a big ole Buick Skylark chip. Oh,that's for another story.

Anyway, I wish Heather Lyke the best of luck, but I also wish coaches and AD's didn't see Mid American Conference schools as a mere stepping stone to greener pastures and bigger bucks. I'll say this. They're going to miss the doughnuts!

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.
Purple Walrus Press photo.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Roughly 50 people detained in Detroit for suspected immigration violations per cockfighting investigation

As of 12:30 pm Monday, March 20, Purple Walrus Press has received confirmation from ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) spokesman Khaalid Walls that roughly 50 individuals have been detained in Detroit for what is being called "suspected" immigration violations. The detainment occurred Saturday, March 18 after an investigation into cockfighting.

Purple Walrus Press also received confirmation from ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls that these individuals will face removal proceedings.

Stay tuned for updates.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hundreds attend Town Hall hosted by Rep Debbie Dingell at EMU.

The McKenny Hall Ballroom on the campus of Eastern Michigan University was packed as Rep Debbie Dingell hosted a Town Hall Meeting called GOP Healthcare Repeal - What does it mean? The event was held Sunday, March 19 at 4:30, and if you didn't arrive early, oh boy, it took a little post Saint Patrick's Day luck to find a seat as several hundred people attended the event.

The panel of five consisted of US Representative Debbie Dingell, as well as, Representatives Adam Zemke, Ronnie Peterson, Donna Lasinki, and Yousef Rabhi.

Organizers of the Town Hall hosted by Rep Dingell wanted the event to provide information about the Trump administration's newly released American Healthcare Act in regard to how harmful the act is. According to Town Hall organizers in a post prior to the event, "We are inviting people to ask questions and learn more about how this harmful proposal would impact the Healthy Michigan program, which covers 700,000 Michiganders."

Rep Dingell kicked off the Town Hall stating, "We are trying really hard to give you the facts (referencing healthcare repeal). This is all about you. If you live in America you have the right to quality healthcare." These opening comments drew a most enthusiastic and hearty applause from the receptive attendees. As Dingell began to wind down her opening remarks she commented that 14 million people will lose healthcare under the the new GOP healthcare bill.

Rep Lasinski  rallied the Town Hall attendees when she stated while referencing the GOP budget, "Higher costs, less coverage for everyone."

The second hour of the Town Hall was opened up for audience questions and answers, and a whole lot of people had questions. I don't recall seeing a Q & A line as long as this one. Many of those in the expansive line shared personal stories referencing positive experiences with the Affordable Care Act while voicing contempt for the Trump administration's American Healthcare Act. Notable was a local doctor who addressed the panel. According to the doctor, 50% of the people he sees have coverage because of the ACA. The doctor completed his comments by asking the panel, "Is this class warfare"?

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.
Debbie Dingell Town Hall. Sunday EMU. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rep Debbie Dingell reacts to White House press briefing.

Representative Debbie Dingell expressed her upset and dismay with Thursday's White House Press briefing in a post Friday. Dingell's frustration was in response to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's comments that Meals On Wheels doesn't help anyone, after school programs don't help young people, and the Great Lakes don't matter.

According to Rep Dingell, "The proposed budget yesterday is unacceptable but worse is the indifference about feeding kids who don't get fed, seniors who are alone and isolated...truth is under siege...our moral compass and values are as well."

When referring to Meals On Wheels during the press conference Thursday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated, "The Meals On Wheels program is just not showing results."

Alison Foreman, Director of Ypsilanti Meals On Wheels was interviewed on CNN's The Lead with Jake Taper. Alison Foreman both defended and supported the Meals On Wheels program while speaking live on CNN. According to Alison, "Any cut will endanger services."

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.

OUR Cynicism is Why There’s NO Accountability

By Brooks Parola. Purple Walrus Press.

I’m going to sound REALLY cynical here, but as bad as I may sound, it won’t come close to the cynicism of the American electorate that ALLOWS the leaders of this country to get away with crimes and unethical behavior that would NEVER have been allowed for them to hold political office, and/or be impeached and jailed just a few years ago.

So, we got to see from Trump’s tax returns how outrageously our tax system favors the wealthy in this country...does anyone care? I’d argue that not only do they NOT care, but I’d be willing to bet that a large portion of the voting populace thinks the wealthy are entitled to it! Why else would they go ahead and vote for Trump, when he essentially admitted during the campaign that he didn’t pay taxes? Now, clearly he least in 2005. But, what is also clear, is that even Trump; that’s right, completely arrogant and shameless Trump, had enough “shame” (if you can call it that) to allow Hillary and others to claim that he’d paid none at all, since he knew the reality was shockingly small...and his 2005 returns bear that out.

And that brings me back to may original point: Does it even matter? Will it even matter if we see his full returns? Will it even matter if those returns show ties to the Russian oligarchs, to Vladimir Putin, to the Chinese government, and/or banks working with him in illegal or ethically reprehensible deals? If they show he’s making money off of being president, if they show any conflict of interest, or that he might be susceptible to blackmail or bribery...will any of it matter? Or will large numbers of this voting populace continue to give him a pass because he’s wealthy and because they think his wealth entitles him to do what he wants?

Folks, we MUST be the ones to bring this man down. But we can only do that when we rediscover what it means to be respectful of ethics and standards, and demand them of our leaders, and hold them accountable.

Brooks Parola. PWP.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Town hall meeting Sunday EMU : GOP Healthcare Repeal - What does it mean? Hosted by Rep Debbie Dingell

Representative Debbie Dingell has announced a GOP Healthcare Repeal -  What does it mean? -  town hall meeting. The town hall will take place at Eastern Michigan University, Sunday, March 19, 2017, from 4:30-6pm. According to organizers they are, "inviting people to ask questions and learn more about how this harmful proposal would impact the Healthy Michigan program, which covers 700,000 Michiganders."

Joining Congresswoman Debbie Dingell will be State Reps. Adam Zemke, Donna Lasinski, Yousef Rabhi, and Ronnie Peterson. Also attending will be Marianne Udow-Phillips, Executive Director of the center for Healthcare Research and Transformation at the University of Michigan.

The town hall will be free to the public.


McKenny Hall Ballroom.
Eastern Michigan University.
878 West Cross Street, Ypsilanti, MI

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Demonstrators gather to protest Trump at Willow Run Airport.

Several hundred demonstrators gathered to protest Donald Trump Wednesday, March 15, as he arrived at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Township. Trump arrived at Willow Run around 2 pm to meet with automotive leaders at the American Center For Mobility which is located at Willow Run Airport.

Trump met with automotive leaders  to discuss a review of EPA auto emission standards initiated under the Obama administration.

Protesters believe that the emission standards implemented by the Obama administration will be eliminated under the Trump administration. Many protesters in attendance carried handmade signs illustrating their opposition to Trump policies.

Vehicles lined Wiard Road leading to Willow Run Airport along the Interstate as demonstrators parked on the shoulder and walked to the protest roughly one quarter mile away. The protest was staged on Airport Drive.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.

Photos by Chai Montgomery. Purple Walrus Press.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NTSB : Preliminary report on UM Basketball charter plane accident coming soon.

Purple Walrus Press talked to NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) spokesman Eric Weiss by phone Monday regarding the UM basketball charter plane wreck that occurred Wednesday, March 8, at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti Twp.

According to Eric Weiss, the preliminary report involving the plane accident at Willow Run Airport will be available soon. The NTSB will provide all the necessary information when their investigation is complete. The investigation could take up to a year.

Last Wednesday the MD83 charter plane transporting The Michigan men's basketball team skidded off runway 23L at Willow Run Airport at 2:55 Eastern Standard
time. All 107 members of the team and band were safely evacuated.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
Detroit Metro Airport Police at Willow Run Airport. Charter plane in background  on Thursday March 9. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Representative Debbie Dingell shares her concern about Islamic Center fire in Pittsfield Township.

Representative Debbie Dingell shared her deep concern about the fire that occurred at the Ypsilanti Islamic Center and mosque Saturday. The Islamic Center and mosque on Michigan Avenue in Pittsfield Twp was destroyed on Saturday. Dingell addressed the frightening reality that there has been a dramatic increase in bigoted threats being made toward people based on race and ethnicity.

According to remarks posted by Rep. Dingell Sunday, "At a time when we are seeing an increase in threats against members of our communities based on race and religion-whether at a mosque or a Jewish Community Center-there is obvious reason for concern, and there are many questions as to what happened and why. "

According her post, Rep Dingell has talked with law enforcement officials and is happy that federal and local authorities are investigating the fire.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.
Islamic Center. Michigan Ave, Pittsfield Twp. Photo by Purple Walrus Press.

Michigan Men's Basketball: FROM SADNESS TO MADNESS!

By Bob Resch. Purple Walrus Press.

This is a script straight out of Hollywood.  On the eve of the Big 10
Tournament, a near catastrophic plane crash on take off at Willow Run
airport shakes the Michigan Men's Basketball team to the core with
only a few minor injuries, and the horrific experience brings the team
together emotionally like never before.

The No. 8 seeded Wolverines arrive in Washington, DC the next day
battered and bruised just a few hours before game time and proceed to
methodically thump Illinois by 20 points  Then toughing it out and
beating Purdue by 4 in overtime. Moving on they defeat Minnesota by
7.. Finally, Michigan goes on to win the Big 10 Tournament by
thrashing the No. 2 seed Wisconsin 71-56 to become the Big 10 Champs!


WHEW!  4 wins in 4 days. Unreal.  Unbelievable.  Unimaginable.  It's
great to be a Michigan Wolverine!!

A near death experience has a way of changing a person's view on
life....for the better.  This incredible incident gave all aboard a
major wake up call.

Many have said they feel lucky to be alive. Suddenly,  life had pushed
the reset button. Basketball had just become a game meant to be the pick up games we use to play back in the day at the
park or gym.  Teammates became brothers of another mother.  What
pressure? What national spotlight?  Let's run and gun and have some


Senior 'Zak' Irvin hit the nail on the head when he talked about how
the team became unified after the plane crash. UNITY among players is
the NECESSARY INGREDIENT for any team to function at capacity. One or
two players out of 5 can have skills that thrill, BUT, if there's no
connection emotionally to the rest of your team members, winning can
be elusive.

The nightmare plane crash created a course correction and showed us
all that the 'Game of Life' is full of opportunity and surprises.  Mix
in a lot of hard work.  Create a game plan filled with talent, timing
, passion and the great Michigan spirit..  The result: Michigan
becomes a No. 7 seed facing 10th seeded Oklahoma State this Friday
March 17th in Indianapolis.  Wait a minute. March 17th is St.
Patrick's Day!  Nothing wrong with some green beer and a hearty
helping of Maize and Blue spirit.  Go Blue!!

Bob Resch. PWP.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Reward offered for information on the Islamic Center fire Pittsfield Township

A fire demolished the Islamic Center of Ypsilanti late Saturday afternoon, March 11. The Islamic Center also housed a mosque. The Islamic Center, located at 5905 West Michigan Avenue, appears to be totally destroyed.

Purple Walrus Press spoke to Council on American-Islamic Relations  Executive Director Dawud Walid at the scene of the fire Sunday afternoon.

According to Dawud Walid, "We don't know the circumstances behind this as of yet. We are thankful that the ATF and FBI are working with the Fire Department and the Police Department to get to the bottom of this. But we are offering a $1,000 reward if anyone knows any information that leads to an arrest if this is ruled to be an arson."

UPDATE: An online fundraising page to rebuild the center is now active through Launch Good and can be found here.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press.
Islamic Center of Ypsilanti Sunday. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pedestrian struck by vehicle near intersection of Packard and Carpenter RD Pittsfield Twp.

According to Pittsfield Township Police, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle near the intersection of Packard and Carpenter Road, Saturday, March 11.

Police on the scene would not comment about the victims condition.  The incident occurred at approximately 2 pm Saturday, March 11.

Stay tuned for updated information.

Jeff Brown.
Purple Walrus Press.
Pittsfield PD near intersection of Packard and Carpenter Saturday. Photos Purple Walrus Press..

Friday, March 10, 2017

Ypsilanti District Library open for warm up Fri/Sat.

The Ypsilanti District Library Michigan Ave branch and the YDL Whittaker Road branch are open Friday and Saturday for anyone who needs to warm up or charge devices. Both branches are open from 10am-6pm Friday and Saturday. Also, Lincoln High School is opened as a temporary warming center with meals, showers and overnight accommodations.

These temporary warming centers have been set up in effort to assist families who are still without power after the severe winds that ripped through our area on Wednesday. Over 800,000 DTE customers lost power in southeast Michigan.

Jeff Brown

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Willow Run Tower Evacuated During U-M Men's Charter Take-Off

Bob Resch & Jeff Brown.  Purple Walrus Press.

The MD83 charter plane transporting the Michigan men's basketball team
 skidded off  runway 23L at Willow Run airport, Wednesday March 8th,
at 2:55 Eastern Standard time.

High winds across the region had caused major power outages throughout
Wayne and Washtenaw counties including Willow Run's control tower.
FAA spokesperson, Elizabeth Cory, told Purple Walrus Press, "The Tower
had been evacuated due to high winds.  Backup systems were working.
Detroit Metro Airport immediately took over air traffic control."

Runway 23L is a 7,000 foot runway and the chaotic crosswinds created a
situation that ultimately forced the pilot to abort takeoff and skid
off the runway.  Thankfully, all 107 members of the team and band were
evacuated safely.

As in all situations like this, the NTSB will provide all the
necessary information when they complete their investigation.

Bob Resch & Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
Charter plane that contained U-M's mens basketball. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day march Eastern Michigan University

Roughly 60 people participated in a rally and march commemorating International Women's Day on the campus of EMU, Wednesday, March 8.

The rally began outside of the EMU Student Center at noon and featured several speakers who addressed a variety of issues including women's rights, gender issues and racism.

Strong winds were a blowin' but that did not discourage demonstrators from marching across campus to Welch Hall in a strong show of solidarity against social, economic, and political inequality.

According to demonstrator Jill Dimond, who is part of a majority women worker-owned cooperative called Sassafras, "We decided to strike in solidarity with working women and marginalized women who are under the most threat under the Trump administration."

Jeff Brown
founder & editor in chief
Purple Walrus Press.

International Women's Day rally EMU, Wednesday, March 8. Purple Walrus Press photos.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan rally in downtown Ypsilanti

Planned Parenthood Advocates held a rally in downtown Ypsilanti late Tuesday afternoon, March 7. Roughly forty demonstrators gathered across from Representative Debbie Dingell's office on West Michigan Ave. Demonstrators spoke out against the defunding of Planned Parenthood by Republicans.

Advocates of Planned Parenthood encouraged citizens to join what they have called emergency rallies outside of in-district US House member offices in defense of the ACA and Planned Parenthood.

Similar rallies were held across the country Tuesday.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
Advocates for Planned Parenthood rally downtown Ypsilanti Tues. Purple Walrus Press photo.

Women's March organizers announce A Day Without a Woman worldwide on International Women's Day .

In commemoration of  International Women's Day, Women's March coordinators have called for A Day Without a Woman world-wide work strike. According to the Women's March website, "On International Women's Day, March 8, women and our allies will act together for equity, justice, and the human rights of all women and all gender-oppressed people, through a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity."

According to the Women's March website, A Day Without a Woman will recognize the value of women from all backgrounds to socio-economic systems around the world while experiencing inequality, discrimination and lower wages.

A Day Without a Woman calls for the following according to Women's March.

1. Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor.

2. Avoid shopping for one day (with the exceptions for small, women and minority owned bussiness).

3. Wear Red in solidarity with A Day Without a Woman.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Ann Arbor Jewish Community Center bomb threat investigation continues.

The Ann Arbor Police Department continues to investigate the bomb threat called into to the Jewish Community Center in Ann Arbor last week. As reported in Purple Walrus Press, last Monday, February 27, 2017, a single call was placed to the Hebrew Day School which is connected to the Jewish Community Center. The caller said that there was a bomb in a backpack that was going to detonate. This according to Lt Lige of the Ann Arbor Police Department. Bomb sniffing dogs found no evidence of any explosives.

Monday morning, March 6, Lt Lige of the Ann Arbor PD contacted Purple Walrus Press stating that there are no new leads, and that the investigation is continuing.

Last week the Anti-Defamation League issued a security advisory after similar bomb threats were made to Jewish institutions in multiple states nationwide last Monday.

Jeff Brown
Founder & Editor
Purple Walrus Press.
Ann Arbor JCC Monday, Feb 27. Purple Walrus Press photo.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Palm Leaf Club of Ypsilanti : Learn all about the organization at the Ypsilanti Public Library.

Learn about the Palm Leaf Club of Ypsilanti at the Ypsilanti Public Library downtown. The event will take place Tuesday evening, March 7, at 6;30 pm.

The Palm Leaf Club is the oldest African American women's social and charitable organization in Ypsilanti. Come to the event and learn about this fabulous organization from the members themselves.

The Palm Leaf Club was founded way back in 1904. For decades this group has impacted the community. This event will provide a wonderful opportunity to gain more knowledge about this important organization.

Jeff Brown

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Selma Solidarity March in Flint

There will be a Selma Solidarity March and Rally in my hometown of Flint on Sunday March 5.  The March will start at 3pm at the Flat lot on the corner of 5th and Saginaw Street in downtown Flint. During the march participants will use the sidewalks to march along Saginaw Street up to City Hall Park where there will be a rally with speakers. The lineup for the march will begin at 2pm at the White Building lot near 5th and Saginaw Street.

According to organizers, for the last twenty years Selma has commemorated the 1965 Bloody Sunday March and the March from Selma to Montgomery anniversary. These two key events led to the Voting Rights act of 1965.

Flint, MI faces racial and economic injustice as we have witnessed and experienced with the Flint Water Crisis. Marchers in Flint will join masses of marchers throughout the nation as thousands will come together to stand in solidarity with Selma and fight discrimination and rally for the right to clean water in Flint.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
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Purple Walrus Press photo.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Trump's realization

By Brooks Parola. Purple Walrus Press.

Folks, we can laugh at what a buffoon Trump is for suddenly coming to his realization that "Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated", but what we OUGHT to be doing, is pointing out that part of the reason that it's so complicated is due to the Republican INSISTENCE that insurance companies be allowed to make money off you being sick!
We could have a much simpler system if the Republicans would allow us to have a SINGLE-PAYER PROGRAM like everyone else, in the civilized world.
Great healthcare FOR ALL, many FEWER complications that Trump no longer has to worry about.

Brooks Parola. PWP.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor area Renaissance Project calling for artist donations

The local Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor area Renaissance Project is calling for and collecting art donations for an upcoming art auction and benefit concert for the ACLU on Saturday, April 29th at Bona Sera Underground in Ypsilanti. The event is from 7-9 pm. The Renaissance Project brings together artists of all stripes in order to inspire work that has meaning, and supports great causes. The Ypsilanti/  Ann Arbor organization is intent on creating unity in the creative community in order to be a force for change.

Art from all types of mediums is being accepted. Note that all of art that is submitted needs to be ready for hanging and easy display.

Any artist who donates two or more pieces will be a featured artist! Very cool. Further, all featured artists will be listed on the promotional posters, and even highlighted in the event program! Love it.

All art needs to be delivered by April, 19.

The event will also include live music!

If you would like to donate or have any questions contact facebook @renaissanceprojectMI.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ypsilanti house fire causes one fatality

A house fire on Pleasant Drive in Ypsilanti claimed the life of one person early Wednesday morning. According to two neighbors who live a few houses away, the fire occurred sometime around 6:30 am.  The neighbors stated that an individual who also lives on the street saw smoke coming from the home, approached the house and "Banged on the door yelling fire." Apparently, after receiving no response, this individual called 911.

According to neighbors, the victim was a huge supporter of the breast cancer awareness and participated in many breast cancer awareness marches.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
House fire on Pleasant Drive in Ypsilanti Wednesday morning. Purple Walrus Press photo.