Sunday, October 30, 2016


Early Saturday morning I was informed by an Ypsilanti resident that there was trash piling up behind Estabrook Elementary here in Ypsilanti. Shortly after receiving the message there was a post on a neighborhood fb page from the resident who had informed me earlier that stated the information given to me.

Around 10:00 am Saturday, I went over to Estabrook to see for myself how much trash was over there behind the school and on the playground. Sure enough, the area directly behind the school was contained a good amount of schmutz or what is more commonly referred to as litter or trash, as well as a old ratty falling apart and tipped over soccer goal post. Geez. It did look pretty lousy back there directly behind the school building. That is where kids hang out and play during recess, right? Why has the play ground area been allowed to look like, well, crap. Estabrook Elementary is a neighborhood public school. Our children should not have to play where there is scattered litter. I think this reflects poorly on the school.that no one with the school or school system has bothered to clean up back there.

The last I heard, a group of Normal Park Neighborhood residents were heading over to the school to pick up the garbage because they care about the children and the play area at the school. Kudos to these residents. The question is, why should neighborhood residents be the ones to pick up the garbage?

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

The playground area behind Estabrook Elementary in Ypsilanti. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Friday, October 28, 2016


A town hall meeting was held in Ann Arbor Thursday regarding the ever lingering reality of the dioxane plume that has been creeping underneath the Ann Arbor region for years. Many residents in Ann Arbor, as well as Ypsilanti are understandably very concerned about dioxane plume. Apparently, many who attended Wednesdays town hall left disappointed and frustrated from the responses made by DEQ Deputy Director Bob Wagner who spoke at the event. To summarize, and or, paraphrase quotes from Wagner that were reported Friday in an mlive article Wagner said, in regard to dioxane clean up, that before a decision by the DEQ will be made they need to see accumulate more information. Further, as reported in mlive, and I'm paraphrasing, the state of Michigan is currently holding discussions that are private with Gelman Sciences.

First, a little background on the dioxane plume. Several months ago Purple Walrus Press did a story  relating to, at the time, new information on the plume. In spring of 2016 I wrote about a Wayne State Professor Larry Lemke who had stated earlier in the week to mlive that, "As far as 1.4 dioxane transport to the Huron River, it's probably already there, and it's going to persist for many years to come." Lemke is a hydro geologist and director of the Environmental Science program at Wayne State. Sounds like a smart guy to me.

Here is what I learned after doing a bit of research on the matter at hand. From 1966 to 1986 Gelman services used a solvent called dioxane 1,4 at its Scio Township location on Wagner Road. It was used in the manufacture of medical filters. Waste water containing the chemical was stored in unlined lagoons which are kind of like storage ponds for liquids. From what I have read these storage ponds or lagoons are supposed to be lined with clay and some other type of line. Over time the dioxane basically leaked into the ground soil and began to spread. That is where the story began.

What is dioxane? According the the EPA technology transfer Network Air toxins website ( A mouth full) "1,4 dioxane is used as a solvent. Acute inhalation exposure to high levels of 1,4 dioxane has caused vertigo, drowsiness, headache, anorexia, and irritation to eyes, nose, throat and lungs in humans.Damage to the liver and kidneys has been observed in rats chronically exposed in the drinking water." This information is all from the EPA website mentioned above,

As far as the DEQ stating that it needs more information before deciding how to handle the cleanup, that is an unacceptable response. It also sounds familiar. Of course, I'm talking about my hometown of Flint. Snyder, the State of Michigan, and all of the powers that be continually said they "needed more information" before acting on and addressing the on going water crisis. Equally unacceptable is the fact that the State of Michigan is holding PRIVATE  talks with Gelman Sciences. This is an issue of public health. Private discussions? This sounds disconcerting to residents of the area.

Many people left the dioxane plume town hall in Ann Arbor unsatisfied and rightfully so. Residents of the Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti area deserve more answers.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press
The Huron River. Ypsilanti, MI. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


This month marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party. Let me say that I have much respect for the Black Panther Party. In my opinion the Black Panthers did many wonderful and positive things for the community in the 1960's and 70's.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of listening to former Black Panther Eddie Conway speak on the program Democracy Now. Eddie Conway was a Black Panther Party leader in Baltimore during the late 1960's. It is important to point out that during that same period there existed an, in my opinion, heinous FBI program called COINTELPRO. COINTELPRO stands for counter intelligence program. Let me tell you, this COINTEL program was no good and nasty in a big way. The goal of the nasty and corrupt COINTELPRO program was to surviel, infiltrate, discredit and disrupt domestic political organizations, particularly the Black Panther Party.

Eddie Conway was convicted of killing a police officer in Maryland during a shoot out between police and Black Panther members. Conway states that others were involved in the shoot out and that he was convicted illegally. Conway then spent 12 years in prison. Eventually, there was a determination that he, as well as other Panthers, had been tried illegally in Maryland. Incredibly, and this is mind boggling, it took another 32 years for him to win his release from prison. Conway was finally released in 2014. There are other former Black Panther Party members still in prison as political prisoners, probably illegally.

It is important to note that the Black Panther Party's ten point program was full of positive goals and ideas that were based on the betterment of the community in many urban areas in this country. The Black Panthers created many wonderful community and social programs like free breakfast for children and free health clinics.

I am glad I had the opportunity to hear Eddie Conway speak on Democracy Now. I am also glad that in the early 70's COINTEL was exposed as corrupt and found to have infringed on the rights of so many U.S. citizens.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
Black Panthers. Photo

Monday, October 24, 2016


A sexual assault workshop was held at the downtown Ypsilanti Public Library Monday evening and it was sobering, moving, and powerful.Nine people were attendance. The event was facilitated by the president of the local chapter of NOW ( National Organization for Women) Cheryl Farmer.

The workshop began with the showing of the documentary "The Hunting Ground" which spells out in no uncertain terms the risk of rape the exists on college campuses throughout the country today. The film was extremely powerful. Everyone should see it.

The documentary film was followed by an open discussion about the incidences of rape at colleges and universities and what can be done to prevent sexual assault. Taking part in the workshop and discussion was Eastern Michigan University Title 9 coordinator Melody Werner. Melody said that. and I'm paraphrasing, she thinks that EMU is handling the issue of sexual assault on campus in a progressive and positive way. As an EMU alum I'm glad to hear that.

Everyone needs to see the powerfully enlightening documentary, The Hunting Ground."

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Cheryl Farmer of  NOW. Photo Purple Walrus Press.


I woke up to the sad news that anti war activist Tom Hayden died Sunday. Tom Hayden was a major figure of inspiration for me and many, many others.

A few years ago he spoke in Ann Arbor and I wrote a piece in PWP about that up-coming local speaking engagement. I was thrilled and surprised to receive a brief message from him thanking me. He influenced an entire generation.

Tom Hayden was born in Detroit, and went the University of Michigan . He was editor of the Michigan Daily. While in Ann Arbor Hayden helped form the SDS (Students For  Democratic Society) which was a left wing anti war organization which wielded  a lot of, in my opinion, positive influence on young people in this country. He also helped draft the famous Port Huron Statement which formed a new left wing political manifesto in 1962.

Tom Hayden was a strong and positive influence on an entire generation. I, for one, will miss him.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
Tom Hayden.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


On Monday night, October 24, a workshop on Sexual Assault on Campus will be held at the downtown Ypsilanti Public Library on Michigan Ave.

The 2015 documentary film "The Hunting Ground" will be shown, followed by a discussion led by the local National Organization for Women. "The Hunting Ground" spells out in detail the risk of rape on college campuses today. The documentary illustrates how young women are not only making a difference, but changing from victims to activists.

The workshop is being held at the Ypsilanti Public Library at 229 W. Michigan Ave from 6 PM - 8:30 PM.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Billy Bragg and Joe Henry “Shine A Light” on modern society through the lens of the Great American Train Song – The Ark, Ann Arbor, 19-Oct-2016. 

Much more than just a collection of folk song standards, “Shine A Light” speaks to the grand optimism of America, the men who built the rails to expand the territories, the men who ride them, and the families supported or torn apart by them. In these times of a divided America, the railroad can be seen as both a symbol of segregation, separating the haves from the have nots, and as a symbol of progress, enabling people to move on to new opportunities in this Land of Opportunity. Billy Bragg and Joe Henry played both sides of this coin at the Ark in Ann Arbor last night, to a sold-out crowd of passionate, active listeners, “a lively lot”, as Billy proclaimed.

Billy and Joe have been friends for 30 years, so they must have had a grand old time spending three weeks riding the Texas Eagle from Chicago to Los Angeles, recording songs in train station waiting rooms and hotel suites. The result of this is a hugely evocative collection of field recordings, complete with the sound of train announcers, rail cars banging together, birds and people chattering, and the immediacy of live performance, two guitars, two voices, four mics, straight to tape. Any comparison to Alan Lomax’s folk song collecting tours of the American South is completely intentional, because as Joe noted, songs like “Rock Island Line” were first recorded as call-and-response songs by work gangs in the prisons of Texas and Louisiana. Billy’s direct, uncomplicated delivery, both in his guitar playing and singing, cohabitated well with Joe’s flourishes and more fluid style, not just in this one song, but throughout the portions of last night’s set where they shared the stage. The spirits of Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers, the Carter Family, and, yes, Lonnie Donegan were in attendance last night, and especially so during the recording of the album, where at one point Billy Bragg ended up by chance in the same hotel room where Robert Johnson laid down about half of the tracks he ever recorded.

As the stage announcer remarked before the show began, both of these artists have dedicated fan bases in and around Ann Arbor and could easily sell out the venue for their solo shows, so it was no surprise that both played short solo sets on either side of an intermission. First up was Joe Henry, whose contributions included a beautiful solo acoustic version of “Trampoline”, and the crowd favorite “Our Song”, ostensibly about meeting Willie Mays at a Home Depot while checking out garage door openers, but last night highlighted as a “campaign song”, about looking to make something graceful of oneself in a graceless time, balancing keeping doors closed with holding them open. Joe also paid musical tribute to his friend and mentor Allen Toussaint, who died earlier this year, just weeks after Joe finished producing what turned out to be Allen’s last album.

Speaking of campaign songs, it came as a shock to pretty much nobody (perhaps with the exception of the couple in front of me, who looked more than a little uncomfortable) that Billy Bragg came out swinging for the fences in left field, introducing and interspersing his solo numbers with a mixture of warnings about the dangers of electing Donald Trump, and the dive of his homeland into the unknown abyss that is Brexit. “Accident Waiting to Happen” with its “dedicated swallower of fascism” protagonist, really hit home, but not so much as his cover of “Why We Build The Wall” by Anais Mitchell. Check it out if you don’t know it. Billy also paralleled the surprise results of the Brexit referendum in the UK, and the complacency that led to that result, with complacency among the US electorate, warning that inaction and lack of organization could lead to a Trump presidency, before launching into “There is Power in a Union”, with its stomp-along chorus. So, although the years may have robbed Billy of the flame in his hair, it still blazes in his heart, red as ever.

Bringing Joe back to the stage naturally dialed the politics back a notch, but not completely. Billy talked of the dismantling of the Calais Jungle, a refugee camp on the French side of the rail tunnel between France and England, by way of introduction to Woody Guthrie’s “Ramblin’ Round Your City”, about a young man who left his sweetheart and parents in search of a better life. Billy reminded the audience that during the Dust Bowl Exodus, California had border guards to inspect the Okies coming across the State Line, and drew parallels to the way some conservative MPs in the UK have called for counting the teeth of child refugees seeking asylum in the UK, to make sure they are really children! Joe Henry then talked about the last leg of their journey from El Paso, TX to Los Angeles. He asked us all to consider that there are more ways to interpret the Carter Family’s “Railroading on the Great Divide”, than as just referring to the Rocky Mountains. As the Texas Eagle wound its way into the deserts of West Texas, visible out of the right side of the train were the El Paso suburbs, with their McMansions, above ground pools and 4x4’s, while on the left were the slums of Juarez, Mexico, looking like something from the 1850’s, the dichotomy neatly bisected by the man-made border and the train line.

The goal of these two troubadours, when they set out on their odyssey, was to show that, even though the golden age of passenger rail has passed, the ability of the train and the railroad to both unite and divide sections of American society is still alive and well in the American psyche, and that the songs of those times still have relevance today. I’d say they took us all along for that ride Wednesday night.

Purple Walrus Press contributor Eoin Ryan.

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Tonight presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and, (Gulp) Donald Trump will be debating for the last time. The stone throwing, I mean the debate is being held at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and will air at 9 pm. If you are strong of stomach the debate will be shown on CNN, FOX News, MSNBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, oh, and CSPAN. Chris Wallace is the poor schmuck who has to moderate it.

As a life long liberal Democrat late baby boomer kind of a guy, I have naturally always voted Democratic. However, even though I'm a liberal Democrat there have been on occasion, republicans with whom I did not agree with politically, but who I could at least respect. These days, with Trump  in the mix, those few republicans I could at least respect as people are hard to find. Case in point would be John McCain. But I'm digressing

Here is my point. I feel it is truly chilling that Trump beat out the 19 or 20 other republican candidate and now stands the chance of becoming president of the United States. This is a frightening, dangerous, and plain old scary possibility.

Not only as a liberal Democrat, but as a human being, I hope Trump loses this election in a landslide. We shall see.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Halloween is fast upon us which means one thing: The Highland Cemetery Lantern Tours are just around the corner! The tours are hosted by Ypsilanti historian James Mann and this Mann (Ha) knows all there is to know about Ypsilanti!

According to the flier tour guests should park within the cemetery and meet at the front gate each night. Oh, and to be clear, only tour guests will be allowed inside the park after the tours begin. Ok, I got it, I got it.

When are the tours? Check it out below.

Oct 14, 15, 16th- 7pm
Oct 21, 22, 23   - 7pm
Oct 28, 29, 30  - 7pm.

The cost is $5.00 payable to James Mann.

Dress warm!

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
old lantern.

Monday, October 17, 2016


One year ago the State of Michigan, responsible for poisoning Flint, finally agreed to our demands and switched our water source back to Detroit. Because they ignored us for 10 months (or more) they allowed unimaginable damage to be been done to our infrastructure. The crumbling infrastructure is STILL poisoning the cleaner water source coming through the pipes. For the past year, the politicians in have spent more time ducking responsibility, pointing fingers like children, dumping in more chemicals causing more carcinogenic by-products and feeding bacteria, throwing more band-aids and platitudes at us, and denying Flint the basic human rights and dignity of clean, safe, affordable water. Now we hear shutoff notices for our toxic water may begin in November while "experts" tell us to wash our hands in the toxic soup, which we are and why so many of us are sick. We have had to endure so much disrespect, betrayal, exploitation, and humiliation BUT we HAVE endured. We still fight. We always have and we always will. We will NOT back down or give in because we know what is right and wrong, unlike many of the people with their hands in our "recovery." We will not stop proving to the world that Flint Lives DO MATTER and we will hold you all accountable until every home in Flint has safe, clean, affordable water because THAT is our human right. Fight with us. Stand with us.

Melissa Mays.
Flint, Michigan.
Downtown Flint, Mi. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Medium Theresa Caputo will be appearing at the EMU Convocation Center right here in Ypsilanti on October 19. Caputo is well known for her TV show called Long Island Medium. Word is that Caputo will discuss her ability to communicate with the dead at the event.

Many people are skeptical about the claim Caputo makes that she is able to communicate with the deceased, but I say who the heck knows? If Theresa Caputo of Longgg Island says she communicates with the dead then so be it! I'll take her word for it. Heck, its a mysterious world out there.

The event is called "The Experience" which only reminds me of the Jimi Hendrix band, The Experience. But I digress. The "Experience" is being held at the EMU Convocation Center Oct 19 at 7:30 sharp. Tickets start at a paltry $39.75 and can be purchase at EMUTIX.COM. You can also buy tickets the old fashioned way like I always do at the box office. Its cooler to buy them at the ticket office, old school.

Sounds like a fascinating time, and Halloweeny as well!

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Well, as an EMU alumni and strong supporter of EMU sports, particularly the football program, I will forever have a soft spot for Western Michigan University football. Here's the story. About two weeks ago my lovely 7 year old daughter and I were watching the Western Michigan vs Central Michigan football game on the TV in our Ypsilanti Normal Park Neighborhood house. In the opinion of my sharp eyed daughter, Western Michigan's uniforms looked, um, "Terrible." In particular, she did not like the brown trimming on top of the shoulder pads. It  just bugged the heck out of her each time there was a close up of a WMU player. I have to admit that I totally agreed with my artistic and opinionated 7 year old daughter. I half joking said to her, " You should write a letter to the WMU football team and throw in your two cents on the issue. She liked that idea, but she decided to go a step further

The next thing I know is she is sitting at the dining room table with all of her brown and black markers. She also had out her large construction paper  tablet. Well, she is an artist after all. She was in the dining room working away at the dining room table while I continued to watch the game. Suddenly, Sadie announced, "Done!", and waved me over. She had drawn a picture of what she thought Westerns jersey SHOULD look like. She had in essence re- designed the Broncos football uniform with a well thought out illustration complete with little notes and directions on the picture. She also wrote a note on the picture which said the following:

"This is what I want your uniform to be." Followed by the picture. Then underneath the picture illustration she wrote, "I really don't like the uniform you have now." I know it was a little cheeky, but so be it, I thought to myself: That's my girl!
 The next morning I looked up the address for Western Michigan football and mailed her picture/letter to the football team. She was thrilled. I was hoping someone at with the Western Michigan football program would respond in some way. I expected that just maybe a WMU PR person or intern would send back a form letter, But NO! Thursday when collecting the mail from our Normal Park mailbox I found a large envelope hand addressed to my daughter. The return address was Coach Fleck: Western Michigan University Football, Kalamazoo Michigan. Fleck, as in head WMU football coach P.J. Fleck? Yes, indeed!

Here is what coach Fleck wrote to my daughter:

"I absolutely appreciate your suggestion. We will look into your design in the coming year! We are proud of all our jerseys color and creativity! Thanks for your opinion! R.T.B.

Coach Fleck.

Thank you to coach Fleck for taking the time to write a hand written letter response to my daughter! Coach Fleck is a real class act. This devoted EMU fan and alumni now has a soft spot for Western Michigan.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


So, in August I managed to come down with what is commonly referred to as a pinched nerve. The fancy medical term is cervical radiculopathy. Now, for most of my life I've heard of people having a pinched a nerve and admittedly, I probably kind of poo pooed it. If I heard of an athlete sitting out a game or two because of a pinched nerve I would think to myself, "pinched nerve? Come on. How bad can that be." Well, I was WRONG! Let me tell you that as someone with a chronically pinched nerve it is one major pain in the arse, I mean ass! It lingers, and lingers, and lingers!

This leads me to the point of this article. The point of the article being the benefits of alcohol, or more specifically in this case, red wine. I know I shouldn't say this, but alcohol is the greatest remedy for, well, just about everything! Yep, it's true! Take this morning for example. My pinched nerve was bugging the hell out me. So, while at the Washtenaw Krogers or Krillers, or whatever, I thought screw it. I'm going to douse myself in wine tonight to, yes, relieve the pain in my blasted left arm! Well, as of 7:00 pm tonight, TA DA, it worked!

Yes, physical therapy has helped, but a $9.99 bottle of Bogle has done the trick like nothing else! No, not the whole bottle, just a glass or two. I'm almost completely pain free. See! Doctors should start prescribing alcohol! I'm serious!

So lets hear it for good old alcohol, the greatest pain reliever of all time! Nay sayers be damned!


Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Wine. Photo credit

Monday, October 10, 2016


Concordia University made the right decision when they fired a professor because of remarks made in class regarding Colin Kaepernick in September. Concordia University in Ann Arbor fired  adjunct professor Susan Quade for remarks she made in class regarding the San Francisco 49er QB and his decision to not stand for the national anthem. According to a October 9 mlive article Quade stated in the social psychology class she was teaching that, "I would kill him." She went on to say, "That's disrespectful to my country and flag." Quade would not apologize for her remarks according to the article.

Wow. I thought college universities were places that encouraged freedom of thought and placed issues out on the table for students and faculty to discuss openly with respect for those with differing views. Universities are supposed to respect different points of view while opening the discussion up for critical thinking and debate without students feeling intimidated or judged. In this case we have adjunct faculty shutting down any discussion while making an ugly statement about Colin Kaepernick. It is disappointing that an adjunct university professor would feel comfortable making the statements she made in a college class.

Good for Concordia for dismissing this faculty member.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
Concordia University. Ann Arbor, MI. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Eastern Michigan University suffered a tough loss against the University of Toledo yesterday afternoon at Rynearson stadium here in Ypsilanti, but it is clear that EMU football is back! Eastern Michigan is a very respectable 4-2 this year and even had one top 25 vote last week in a NCAA poll. This is fantastic news for a football program that has struggled over the past decade.

Since the opening of the football season EMU has knocked off Mississippi Valley State, UNC Charlotte, Wyoming, and Bowling Green. This has been an incredible start to the season for not only the EMU football program and students, but for proud EMU alumni like myself.

Stay tuned to EMU football and bring on Ohio University! Go Eagles!

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press
Rynearson Stadium Eastern Michigan University. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Colder weather is right around the corner and we have officially entered the fall season. Halloween is soon upon us as is Thanksgiving. The autumn season, a nip in the air, and hot apple cider never fail to put me into a, you guessed it, wool sweater and patchouli rock/folk band state of mind! Ok, I don't personally use patchouli. But anyway, here it is, the top 5 wool sweater and patchouli bands of ALL-TIME!

5. Simon and Garfunkle: Oh, yeah. Just listening to this duo makes me feel smarter. Break out the argyle sweaters and slap on the groups 1967 album, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Tyme. After listening to this LP stroll across the nearest college campus looking for the "Candidates Debate."

4.The Byrds: Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, Eight Miles High, and Turn, Turn, Turn. Oh baby, The Byrds make me feel smart AND groovy!

3. Steeleye Span: This English folk revival rock band formed in 1969 and continue to carry on the, what I call, wool sweater rock tradition. Their spooky song Alison Gros places this band securly in the PWP top 5 wool sweater band bracket. Check this lyric out:

Alison Gros she must be
The ugliest witch in the North country.

Well, you really have to hear the song to get the whole effect.

2. Jethro Tull: Oh, I have loved this band for decades. I saw them for the first time in 1981 when I was in college. Ooh, dating myself! Ian Anderson and band mates continue to put the boogie in Medieval Elizabethan boogie. Front man and flute player Ian Anderson also speaks like a university English Literature professor! He even quotes Scottish poet Robert Burns in concert! Very wool sweatery.

And now for the NO.1 greatest wool sweater and patchouli band of ALL-TIME!

 Fairport Convention: This group epitomizes British folk rock, Medieval and Renaissance music. Their hugely influential album titled Liege & Life not only launched electric folk music, but is guaranteed to make you run upstairs and pull on your favorite old natty wool sweater and walk around in the cool autumn breeze!

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
the band Fairport Convention. Photo credit

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Okay, this clown schtick is getting out of hand. On Monday I wrote an article addressing the creepiness of the recent sightings of this creepy clown issue. In the PWP article I also reported on Muskegon public schools going into soft lockdown after a threat was made on social media by a creepy clown. Well, local news station Local 4 Detroit has just reported that a clown armed with a pistol robbed a Walgreens in Brownstown TWP Tuesday night around 9;30 pm. According to clickondetroit local 4 News the armed clown robbery took place at a Walgreens located on Telegraph Road.

According Local 4 News the clown walked into the store with a gun and robbed the clerk. The clown then fled the scene in an SUV.

Here in Ypsilanti Purple Walrus Press has received mixed feedback regarding this recent issue with creepy clowns. While several readers have expressed anger and agitation toward this clown craze, others have seen it nothing more than silliness. I will say that readers who haven't taken the creepy clown shenanigans particularly seriously commented before more recent reports of violent and aberrant  behavior by clowns.

Brownstown TWP is located 26 miles from Ypsilanti. Gee, what would Bozo the clown say?

Jeff Brown

Monday, October 3, 2016


Last week there was a report of, um, a creepy clown around Big Rapids, Michigan Up North. Yikes! TV station 10 Big Rapids News reported that a person dressed as a clown was seen prowling through a Big Rapids neighborhood. So how far away are we here in Ypsilanti from Big Rapids? Not far enough away for me. Geez! According to a Big Rapids police report a clown dressed in blue costume with reddish hair, "Just stood there eerily looking at people across the street, before running off into the trees behind a house." This statement was printed in mlive 4 days ago. A clown just standing there looking at people eerily and then running into the woods?! Holy heck, that's super scary!

But wait, there's more!Just today, Muskegon, MI schools went into a soft lockdown after, get this, a threat was made by a CREEPY CLOWN! According to Muskegon TV station WZZM 13 there were a least two schools that went into soft lockdown today (Monday)  due to a creepy clown message that was posted on social media.

Apparently, there have been many reports of creepy clown sightings throughout the United States in recent weeks. Yikes and double yikes! I knew I never liked clowns, and for good reason! They're just creepy!

All I can say is I sure hope no creepy clowns pop up in our Ypsilanti. But if they do, we'll just send them packing for Ann Arbor! Oh, just kidding Ann Arbor.

Now, keep an eye out for those creepy clowns, Ypsi!

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


On Friday, September 30, a man walked into the Chase Bank on Whittaker Road  in Ypsilanti TWP wielding a long gun with a scope and demanded money. According to Derrick Jackson, sheriff's office community engagement director, the robber fired shots in the bank although no one was injured. This according to an article in mlive Friday. The robber fled and his whereabouts are unknown.

All was quiet this morning at the scene of the crime at Chase Bank when I was over there. Customers were using the drive through at the bank.

I am certainly no gun expert, but it seemed odd that the robber used a long gun with a scope. One thing for sure is that this must have been one horrifying event for bank employees and customers. Hopefully, police will apprehend this individual soon.

Jeff Brown'
Purple Walrus Press.
Chase Bank on Whittaker Road in Ypsilanti TWP. Photo Purple Walrus Press.