Monday, October 17, 2016


One year ago the State of Michigan, responsible for poisoning Flint, finally agreed to our demands and switched our water source back to Detroit. Because they ignored us for 10 months (or more) they allowed unimaginable damage to be been done to our infrastructure. The crumbling infrastructure is STILL poisoning the cleaner water source coming through the pipes. For the past year, the politicians in have spent more time ducking responsibility, pointing fingers like children, dumping in more chemicals causing more carcinogenic by-products and feeding bacteria, throwing more band-aids and platitudes at us, and denying Flint the basic human rights and dignity of clean, safe, affordable water. Now we hear shutoff notices for our toxic water may begin in November while "experts" tell us to wash our hands in the toxic soup, which we are and why so many of us are sick. We have had to endure so much disrespect, betrayal, exploitation, and humiliation BUT we HAVE endured. We still fight. We always have and we always will. We will NOT back down or give in because we know what is right and wrong, unlike many of the people with their hands in our "recovery." We will not stop proving to the world that Flint Lives DO MATTER and we will hold you all accountable until every home in Flint has safe, clean, affordable water because THAT is our human right. Fight with us. Stand with us.

Melissa Mays.
Flint, Michigan.
Downtown Flint, Mi. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

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