Sunday, September 10, 2017

Eastern Michigan quarterback Brogan Roback post game comments to EMU media after Eastern upset Rutgers Saturday.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

In a post game interview with Eastern Michigan Football media after the Eagles stunning 16-13 defeat over Rutgers Saturday,  EMU quarterback Brogan Roback was more than happy to comment.

During a three minute interview with EMU Football media Roback emphasized that everyone loves to show their talents in front of a national audience. The game was televised nationally on the Big Ten Network Saturday, September 9.

Because Rutgers is a Power 5 team the victory was all the more sweet. According to Roback, it was hard not to be aware of the fact that Rutgers is a Power 5 team. Roback added that this fact gave the team a little extra juice, "Because we have a chip on our shoulder." This according to statements made to EMU Football media relations. Roback stated that EMU has grown to love being an underdog.

Roback had a productive game passing as he completed 19 of 36 passes for 260 yards, including one touchdown. but Roback also punted the ball effectively. Roback's punting role was part of a strategy to battle a strong headwind and to keep the ball away from dangerous Rutgers punt returners.

Roback told EMU Football media that during the game there were a lot of emotions going on, and that it was important not to get too high or two low. According to Roback, "We're a good football team and a lot of special things can happen. This team fights and competes."

During the interview with EMU media, in reference to last years EMU bowl game appearance Roback said that, "Last year was awesome but we put that aside."

Roback told media that they were finally turning things around. "We have a chip on our shoulder and that's the way we like it."

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