Monday, September 25, 2017

UM student takes a knee and draws many supporters/participants on UM Diag in Ann Arbor Monday.

Dana Greene Jr. on left, being checked over by a what appeared to be a doctor Monday on UM Diag. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

University of Michigan student Dana Greene Jr. was tired of his own inaction in light of issues of  inequality in the United States and decided to do something about it. In a letter to University of Michigan President Schlissel, Greene stated his views regarding inequality in the United States and his allegiance to black men who have chosen to take a knee during the playing of America's national anthem. Copies of the letter were handed out by students during the silent protest Monday.

Beginning at 7:30 AM Monday, September 25, 2017, Dana Greene decided to illustrate his feeling about inequality in America by kneeling in the center of the Diag on the University of Michigan campus in front of Graduate Lbrary until he has "Nothing left" in him. Greene is bolstered by many students supporting his actions.

"According to Greene in his letter to President Schlissel, "I have attended the University of Michigan for five years. I have crossed the fountain in Ingalls Mall as an incoming freshman and as a graduate. I've walked the halls of our dorms as a Resident Assistant and I've mopped the floors of our dining halls. I've marched in the Diag when our campus and country face the tension of racial strife. I am a black man and this weekend I watched many black men take a knee during our country's national anthem to bring attention to the inequality in this country. I also watched the President of the United States disrespect those men referring to them as "Sons of bitches" and demanding that they should be fired from their jobs. I will kneel in the Diag facing the flag in silent protest until there is nothing left in me."

Roughly 200 students are participating in the silent protest Monday evening on the UM Diag to demonstate their support for Dana Greene and his actions. As of this writing Monday evening, the protest is ongoing in the center of the UM Diag. Greene is MPH Candidate with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

At approximately 6:00 PM Monday a man, presumably a doctor, could be seen checking on Dana Greene as temperatures soared into the 90's Monday in Ann Arbor.

Stay tuned for updates.

Photos Purple Walrus Press.

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