Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Congresswoman presses Postal Service on continuing issues with Ypsilanti mail delivery.

Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

Tuesday, Feburary 20,  U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-12)  pressed U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer Megan J. Brennan on continued issues with mail delivery in Ypsilanti. According to Dingell's office, Dingell wrote to Ms. Brennan in January detailing recurring problems reported by constituents and city leaders, including long delays in pickup and delivery, periods where no mail is delivered for days at a time, and unresponsive and unreachable customer service. Despite written assurances from USPS that the problems are being addressed, Dingell has received more than 100 complaints from residents since her last letter detailing continued mail delays and other issues.

“This letter is to once again address the significant issues with mail delivery service in Ypsilanti, Michigan and to request that the U.S. Postal Service take prompt action to rectify the problems that the community is having in this regard,” Dingell wrote. “This is the third time that I have had to reach out to USPS on behalf of the Ypsilanti residents since 2016 and the second time this calendar year. Residents of Ypsilanti deserve to have timely and consistent mail service, and the magnitude and duration of these mail problems is unacceptable. Please provide me an updated assessment of the problems the Ypsilanti Post Office is facing as well as steps taken to address these delivery issues.”

According to Tuesday's press release, Dingell requested detailed answers to questions raised about the operation of the Ypsilanti Post Office, including staffing issues and the management of the mail delivery workload. She also requested a meeting with senior USPS staff in Washington, D.C. and a follow up meeting with regional USPS personnel in Michigan. 

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