Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Parola Perspective: Heads of intelligence speaking before senate committee Tuesday.

By PWP contributor Brooks Parola, formerly of Flint, MI.

The heads of all of the intelligence agencies went before a senate committee today. In that hearing they stated:
1) Russia is continuing to interfere in our elections...Trump and the rest of the GOP don't care, and do nothing. FBI says, they have never received specific instructions from Trump to take action.
2) The biggest threat to our nation's security is the national debt...GOP is no longer interested in fiscal responsibility as the GOP tax plan clearly indicates.
3) FBI completely contradicts Trump administration's timeline on what they knew about Rob Porter and when they knew it.
Again, when will have a president (backed by a party) that cares about the sanctity of our elections, our constitution, our economic future, and American women?

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