Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Students in Florida stage school walkout protesting gun violence/Hold press conference at State Capitol.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

Hundreds of students in Florida are holding a school walkout in protest of gun violence and are gathering in solidarity with survivors of the Parkland Florida school shooting which occurred one week ago. 17 students were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last Wednesday.

Many students are carrying signs reading #NeverAgain and are demanding gun control legislation. Other students are holding signs listing names of schools where shootings have occurred and list names of those who were killed.

Students throughout Miami Dade County, as well as, Broward County in Florida are participating in the walkout as of 1:30 pm.

Concurrently, at this moment, student survivors of the Parkland school shooting are holding a press conference, while students hold a massive rally in front of the State Capitol building calling for gun control.

Student survivors of the Parkland school shooting are speaking with passion, eloquence and poise as they desperately demand gun control in wake of the horrendous school massacre that took place one week ago at their school in Broward County. Among the many student speakers addressing the media at the press conference are Lorenzo Prado, Ryan Deitsch, Alfonso Calderon and Delaney Tarr. Each of these students speak with power, authority, passion and more importantly, they speak from the heart. Each and every student is expressing anger and frustration with the fact that the Florida state House Tuesday rejected a ban proposal on semiautomatic assault weapons.

I cannot begin to express how proud and supportive I am of these student survivors of the Parkland school shooting. Today I am watching high school students passionately and powerfully lecture the grown ups in this country on how to be decent human beings.

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