Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cynthia Lennon Dies at Age 75

As a tremendous Beatles fan and of course, John Lennon fan, I was surprised and sad to learn that Cynthia Lennon died today. I always felt bad for Cynthia and can imagine that her life being John Lennon's wife from 1962 to 1968 must have been just as difficult as it was exciting. 1962 to 68 were peak years for the boys so her life must have been a mix pure madness and incredible joy and excitement.

Although I have always been a fan of Johns second wife, Yoko Ono, and often find myself defending her art it must have been a nightmare for Cynthia to come home to the house she shared with John Lennon in England and find him in bed with Yoko.

One gets the sense that Cynthia spent her six years of marriage to John trying to keep up with him and the rest of the Beatles. The story of how John along with George, Paul and Ringo took off on a train bound for  India to study with the Maharishi while an out of breath Cynthia made a unsuccessful mad dash for the train is, well, heart breaking. Still, from what I gather on her son Julian's website she led a fulfilling and fascinating life.

Cynthia wrote two books, one of which I read. She wrote, "A Twist of Lennon" in 1978 and, "John" in 2005. I found, "A Twist Of Lennon" to be engaging and thoughtfully written.

Cynthia died in Mallorca, Spain. She was 75.

Jeff Brown


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