Wednesday, June 1, 2016


A very sad and tragic incident occurred this afternoon at Washtenaw International Middle Academy this afternoon.

A friend of mine sent me a text this afternoon as I arrived home with my kids after picking them up at another school. The text said that something happened at WIMA and that it was bad. My wife had just arrived home from work so I decided to head over to the school. There wasn't much media over there yet. There was a woman in the parking lot who said she was employed by the school. I asked her if she could tell me anything about what had happened. She said she couldn't which is completely understandable. Naturally, a couple of police officers I spoke with were also not able to provide any information. There were several teachers gathered inside the front doors of the school who were understandably shaken.

Later in the afternoon an email was sent out to parents by Superintendent Benjamin Edmondson stating that a tradgic incident had happened at Washtenaw International Middle Academy, and that it was of a non-violent nature. The email also stated that the privacy of the family needed to be respected, and that the Ypsilanti Police Department were investigating.

Early this evening according to an Ann Arbor News Mlive article it was confirmed by police that a 14 year old boy had died at the school.

Although there are few details about what occurred this afternoon at WIMA this is such a sad and tragic event.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press
Back driveway Washtenaw International Middle Academy. Purple Walrus Press

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