Sunday, October 6, 2019

Parola Perspective by Purple Walrus Press Contributor Brooks Parola: Now That Mitt Romney Is Making News Again.

A couple of things now that Romney is making news again:
I said this about Jeb Bush in '16, and Romney could do the same moving forward: that there is a place for a moderate Republican in today's, more than ever, as a reaction to Trump.
Imagine a Republican who dares to throw off the right-wing base of the party in favor of a platform that embraces many progressive issues, but stays conservative on something like abortion. You'd have many in this country embracing that especially over a Democratic party that won't welcome them...and the Democrats increasingly, don't welcome them.
In a system that requires you to have the most votes to win (yes, I realize the electoral college does not, but most with common sense, think it should) it's important to have a "Big Tent" party. And yet we have the AOC's, the far left of the party, who would purge anyone that was not pro-choice. And that's exactly how the Republicans portray Democrats as being "anti-religion", and extremist, and how someone like the Republican I've suggested above, could win.
AOC, and others on the far left are bound and determined to do what they've always done: Move the Democratic Party to the left, while continuing to alienate and shun more moderate parts of the electorate, which only results in continuing wins for the far right. I saw a post on a friends page, begging the Dems to not screw up impeachment, from a left-wing publication, as if the far left has won anything in this country. Quite to the contrary, they've lost more times than the Democrats have!
The far left in this country is emboldened by Trump, and the wave of people who despise him, and are confusing that with this belief that more Americans are now embracing their far left agenda. Well, if I had a dime for every time a political party or politician over-reached in my lifetime, I'd be retired to Aruba by now.
Folks, the Dems did not take back the House in '18 because all of those traditionally red districts suddenly turned socialist. All they are, was a reaction against Trump. As a result, those representatives, like Salt Lake City's Ben McAdams, will have to walk a fine moderate line, to stay in office, all while the AOC's of the world attack them, and try to purge them from the party. Forgetting the fact, that the whole reason she has any power at all, is thanks to them.
Folks, I am no fan of Mitt Romney, but if he and other Republicans position themselves as the Republican I've created above, and we let the AOC's of the world run rough-shod over the Democratic Party, be prepared for future Republican rule.

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