Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fire in bathroom Pattengill Elementary in Ann Arbor Wednesday morning: Students evacuated & school closed for remainder of day.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

At 10:03 am Wednesday a voice message was sent out to all Pattengill Elementary families that this morning there was a fire in a bathroom at the school which is located at 2100 Crestland Drive in Ann Arbor. According to the email  message sent out at 9:55 am, the school immediately contacted emergency firefighters and that they arrived to the school within minutes. According to the email from Pattengill Elementary all students were being relocated to their emergency safe location. All students were safely evacuated from the building, according to the school email message. As of 10:45 this morning, students are gathered at Temple Beth Emeth/St Claire Episcopal Church located at 2309 Packard Street in Ann Arbor. Parents who are able to pick up children are to come to Temple Beth Emeth and enter through the circle drive off of Eastover Place where children are being signed out, according to the email from the school.

Actually, my daughter attends Pattengil Elementary, and I have to say that when I arrived at the Temple to pick up my slightly shaken daughter it was immediately clear the entire staff and administration was doing an incredibly fabulous job of handling the disconcerting ordeal. The children were calm, and enjoying a movie when I arrived.

At this time there are no details about the fire or how it started. I did drive past the school after retrieving my daughter and I saw no visible signs of damage from the outside.

Stay tuned for updates.

Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Parents arrive at Temple Beth Emeth in Ann Arbor Wed to pick up their children at safe location.

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