Monday, April 30, 2018

The North Korean Summit. Teamwork makes the Dream work!!!

By Bob Resch: Purple Walrus Press.

With the impending summit meeting in the near future, we are all about
to find out if North Korea has finally come to it's senses, and how
Donald Trump plans on handling it.

Almost 70 years after the birth of the UNITED NATIONS, the United
States remains the hegemon of this global group. But, Mr. Trump,
having helped to lead North and South Korea to the peace table, should
be careful not to overplay his chest pounding.

In my opinion, the US should remain a team member with the UN at this
proposed summit with North Korea.  The real issue here is the
denuclearization of North Korea on the pathway to a peaceful Korean

It appears to me to be self-serving for Mr. Trump to think that it's
HIS obligation to the World to bring about a peaceful agreement.  The
reality is that it will be up to NATO inspectors to inspect and verify
that all North Korean nuclear systems have been made inactive and
disposed of.  It will be up to UN representatives, not just Donald
Trump, to broker this summit meeting and impose rules and regulations
with the prospects of building a pathway to peace.  Everyone must bear
in mind that this agreement may last only as long as it takes for the
"Rocket Man's" next temper tantrum when he realizes that North Korea
still won't be a recognized member of the UN.  It remains to be seen
if that can and will ever happen.

A peaceful Korean peninsula could be a huge victory for the World.  My
only concern is that if Trump allows his self-centered ego to get in
the way,
he may just find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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