Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Individual shot and killed near International Academy of Flint K-12 school Tuesday in Flint...An area I know well

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

According to ABC 12 News in Flint Michigan, at approximately 1:00 pm Tuesday,  an individual was shot and killed at The Rock Fitness Center on South Saginaw Street in my hometown of Flint, Mi. As reported by WJRT 12 News Flint, the person was working out with a Flint Police officer while being shot at the popular fitness center. The shooting occurred at 2623 S. Saginaw Street.

As of 4:00 pm Tuesday, Flint Police and the Michigan State Police have a heavy presence at the scene and are currently looking for the suspects.

Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson stated to WJRT 12 Flint that one of his officers was inside the fitness center at the time of the shooting. Two guys walked into the center stating that they were there to fix the roof, Johnson told WJRT. Moments later the suspects began shooting. The man working out with the Flint Police officer was shot and killed at scene. The officer was not harmed.

According to WJRT 12 News, the the police are searching for two shooters. Ther are no decsriptions available at this time.

The International Academy Flint, which is a k-12 school, is located two blocks away from shooting. The school was on lockdown Tuesday afternoon and students were sheltering in place after the shooting. I know IAF well, as I taught at the school in my hometown of Flint from 1999 until moving to Ypsilanti in 2004.

It is always sad to learn of shootings in my hometown, which are far too common, but when one occurs in parts of town I know so well, its even more sad. The school has since re-opened.

I'm confident that the Flint Police will soon apprehend the suspects. Though understaffed, the Flint Police Dept is doing an excellent job of policing the city during very difficult times in Flint. The Flint PD has compassionate and committed officers who want to curtail crime and have a positive relationship with residents. I know this because I have had the opportunity to get to know several of the officers myself over the years. They will apprehend the perpetrators of this horrible crime that resulted in a loss of life. Lets hope that children at IAF will not have to go through the traumatic experience of having a homicide take place down the street in the middle of the school day.

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