Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Eastern Michigan University states that "Lawsuit in response to the elimination of four sports is without merit."

Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Eastern Michigan University released a statement stating that a recent lawsuit attempting to challenge a  decision made by EMU administration to eliminate four sports at the university has no merit.
As stated in Tuesday's media release, "The lawsuit challenging the University focuses on the decision to eliminate the sports, citing the Michigan Open Meeting Act."
According to Eastern Michigan University, "The lawsuit is without merit in all regards and we will vigorously defend the interests of the University,” said Geoff Larcom, executive director of media relations for the University. “The facts in this situation are clear. No violation of the Open Meetings Act occurred at our Board of Regents meeting because the decision to reduce varsity sports is an administrative decision and does not require approval of the Board of Regents. As such, the decision was not presented to the Regents for their approval.
“The Regents are neither required nor expected to make administrative decisions such as this. To the contrary, Board policies clearly indicate that such decisions are a University management function. This is not unique to Eastern. Other universities have similar policies.
“For this reason, the University believes there is no merit to the lawsuit, and plans a vigorous defense."

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