Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thanks a lot to the guy who called me a "F@#*ing* Fat Ass" in the Ypsi Walgreens parking lot Saturday. Jeez.

Photo Purple Walrus Press.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

I would like to give the gentleman who called me a "Fucking Fat Ass" Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of the Ypsi Washtenaw Ave Walgreens a thank you. So, here's the story. I was backing out of a parking space when another car was simultaneously backing into the space next to me. The thing is that the individual who was backing into the space didn't seem to know that I was backing out and, it appeared that if I didn't quickly stop backing up myself, she would have hit me. Anyway, after the other car parked I did give the driver a little look, as if to say, hey, you almost hit me. Suddenly, a guy in the passenger seat jumped out of the car, came over to my car, gave me the finger, and said to me loudly, "Fuck you, you fucking fat ass!" Jeez.

Now friends, I do know that I have indeed gained a few pounds around the old waistline over the past few years and that my blue jeans are not as comfy as they used to be, but "Fucking Fat ass? " Ooh, ouch! So, what did I do in retaliation to this vulgar insult in the Ypsi Walgreen parking lot?... I rolled down my passenger side window and with most likely a look of bewilderment, anger, and devastation (at being called fat) I said....what!? Yep, that was my comeback. But here's the amazing part. The guy said, "I'm sorry. You didn't do anything." The fellow then reached into my car to shake my hand...which I shook. Wow! The whole thing was kind of bizarre and really maddening. I mean the guy called me a fat ass. Great.

To be honest, on  the way home all I could think was, am I fat? Anyway, I get home and immediately call a friend of mine. I call and my friend picks up the phone.."Hey", he says. I say, "Am I fat?" I'm serious! I was quite pathetic. My friend assured me that I was not fat, just carrying a few extra pounds. Fair enough.

Here's my takeaway from the whole wretched ordeal..Americans have become very skilled at being nasty to each other. I know, I know, that sounds like a really bombastic statement, but that's what I think. I mean, nothing gets on the nerves of Americans more than...other Americans! Sadly, if people don't share our political views, we hate them. This happens on the right and the left. If we don't like the way someone else is driving in front of us, or, god forbid, cuts us off, we want to pulverize them. Well, maybe not PULVERIZE them, but you get my drift. I think that what it is is that many of us Americans are frustrated, on edge, pissed off, stressed out and angry. And, sadly, for good reason.

Honestly, I think its kind of cool that guy who called me a fucking fat ass apologized right there on the spot. However, he's a complete jerk for calling me a fucking fat ass. Fat ass?! Jeez. I need some comfort food.

Where I was parked when guy called me fat ass. Photo PWP.

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  1. Word.

    I suspect the fuel for this fire is that our social activities are mostly drug hazed or face to screen interactions. Looking a stranger in the eye is becoming rarer and rarer.