Thursday, May 10, 2018

Desirae Simmons has announced her candidacy for Ypsilanti City Council.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

Ypsilanti resident Desirae Simmons has announced that she is running for Ypsilanti City Council and is excited about the opportunity to represent Ypsilanti's diverse 3rd Ward. Desirae plans to build on her current work with the planning Commission's subcommittee on Affordability and Accessibility in order to create collaborative leadership, as well as transparency to City Council.

Desirae has been very outspoken in Ypsilanti in her advocacy for the values of all residents in the city. She is also a founding member of Love, Resilience, Action Ypsi and Rising for Economic Democracy Ypsi. Desirae also supports Defend Affordable Ypsi. She is interested in and committed to advocating/organizing for progressive housing policy, representative community participation and equitable economic growth.

Desirae lives close to Prospect Park with her partner and one year old daughter. She grew up in in Chicago and Cleveland and moved to Ypsilanti after living in Boston. Working for the UM in higher education, Desirae is interested in experiential community based learning, diversity, equity and social justice and supports unions and cooperatives.

“I believe that Ypsilanti residents are an under-utilized asset to the city,” said DesiraĆ©. “Ypsilanti needs leaders who not only listen to their constituents’ concerns, but who also facilitate the processes necessary to enact the community’s vision.”

Meet Desirae at her campaign launch party on Saturday, May 12 at Go! Ice cream located at 10 N Washington St between 4:30 and 8pm.

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