Thursday, May 24, 2018

On the Flint Water Crisis: Contributed to PWP by Flint activist Melissa Mays.

By Melissa Mays.

Flint residents. It is time to contact your City Council people to express how important it is that THOUSANDS of Flint residents not lose their homes due to the inability to pay the highest rates in the United States for poison water.
Maurice D DavisKate FieldsSantino J. Guerra , Monica Galloway Councilwoman 7th WardEric MaysJerri Winfrey-CarterHerbert WinfreyEva WorthingAllan GriggsKaren Williams Weaver
PLEASE do what's right and vote FOR the Moratorium that stops poisoned Flint residents from becoming HOMELESS because they cannot afford the poison being forced upon them.
PLEASE STOP allowing the continued punishment against the poor & poisoned YOU are supposed to represent.
Residents, call your council person and plan on going to the Committee meeting tomorrow at 5 pm at City Hall.
Phone numbers:
Eric Mays (810) 922-4860 (cell)
Maurice Davis (810) 397-3205 (cell)
Santino J. Guerra (810) 449-9619 (cell)
Kate Fields (810) 766-7418 ext. 3164
Jerri Winfrey-Carter (810) 397-3621 (cell)
Herbert Winfrey (810) 449-8711 (cell)
Monica Galloway (810) 423-7332 (cell)
Allan Griggs. (810) 397-3691 (cell)
Eva Worthing. (810) 210-8347 (cell)*
*Eva thankfully already supports the moratorium to stop the tax liens/foreclosures. We need to make sure the rest of our local elected officials see how important it is to protect the most vulnerable and not kick them out into the streets over a water bill. This shameful action will REDUCE the taxbase, shrink the amount of water rate payers AND leave thousands of homes open for blight. A vote to kick THOUSANDS of poisoned residents out of their homes is a vote to further destroy our city.

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