Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Crucial House races in VERY Blue California: By PWP contributor Brooks Parola.

Brooks Parola, formerly of Flint Town.

Folks, if the Dems get shut out of crucial House races in VERY Blue California, "in the name of greater democracy", I sure hope you'll take it as a serious warning going forward.
Everyone got their panties in a bunch when it was discovered that the DNC was interfering in these races, and trying to get certain candidates to drop out. Folks...THAT IS THEIR JOB! Making sure that the candidate with the broadest appeal (not one that panders to the leftist base) wins the primary, so that they have the best chance of winning in November.
In California, it was the DNC's job to make sure that best candidates ran last night, so that all of those California Democratic voters don't have to sit out the November elections, or get to choose between two Trump loving Republicans.
Polls are showing the "Blue Wave" lead is getting smaller and smaller. Republican candidates and their voters are rallying around the president. 70% of Republicans believe that Russia is a witch hunt, and Muller's report, when it comes out, may mean nothing to many.
Now, the upside, is that Trump still lost the popular vote, and it's probable that moderates and moderate conservatives (never Trumpers) have grown in numbers since Trump took office, but what that means is, those folks are CRUCIAL for Democratic wins in November of this year, and in 2020.
Folks, the "Vital Center" has never been more vital! Unity, strength in numbers behind moderate Dems are crucial! As California is showing tonight: Their system may be "more democratic" too bad there's a REAL possibility that the division that comes with increased democracy leaves progressives with nothing but losers, and a congress filled with Republicans.

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