Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Parola Perspective In Brief: As of now only Dr Blasey Ford is interested in independent FBI investigation.

By PWP contributor Brooks Parola.

Both Kavanaugh and Dr. Blasey Ford should be clamoring to clear their names right now, via an FBI investigation, followed by the committee hearing.
But as of now only Dr. Ford is interested in an independent FBI investigation, because clearly she's the only one who is not concerned about getting caught lying to the FBI.
If the GOP is not concerned about Kavanaugh, or his high school friend Judge, lying to the FBI, they would be encouraging Trump to recommend that the FBI investigate, which is only the norm. So, the GOP either has no interest in clearing Kavanaugh's name, or like Trump's lawyers, they're damned worried he'll get nailed for lying.
So, I think hell will freeze over before Trump and the GOP have the FBI investigate. But, Dr. Blasey Ford should still testify before the committee, to show she's willing to tell her story under oath, no matter how unfairly they're treating her.

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