Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Two weeks ago I could hardly contain myself as I sat down at home to watch the Flint Water Crisis congressional hearing in Washington D.C. at 9:00 am.  I found the right CSPAN channel and everything! I successfully dropped off my daughter at school, and the dog (Ringo) was walked in break neck speed just so I could sit down in front of the tube and watch congress rip Shifty Snyder and the EPA dope Gina McCarthy to smithereens. These two crooks made damn sure that residents of my hometown are now completely submerged in poisonous, and toxic water that is spewing from taps throughout the city of Flint.

Yes, congressmen and congress women strongly scolded Shifty Snyder and the EPA dope McCarthy. Boy, congress really let them have it! They humiliated, pummeled and knocked the crap out of Snyder and McCarthy all right and yes, it was awesome: A sight to behold! But wait. Now what? Was that it? Has anything changed? Has anything happened? Whats the up-shot of the hearings? Is congress now doling out punishment? Now that the truth is coming to light what are the consequences for Shifty Snyder and the EPA dopes? Have I missed something? Was the congressional hearing in Washington D.C. all for show? say it ain't so! The residents of Flint and those of us from Flint and have family in the area need action, answers, and punitive action taken now. Right now!

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press

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  1. I think the extent of any 'reparations' for this injustice is going to depend upon the level of organized outrage in Flint, among the people of Flint. This is a perfect moment for workers unions to assert thier independence and lead the way, demanding better jobs and infrastructure and organizing strikes to force the issue.
    I suspect that the government will do only the minimum to get the poison out of the drinking water and make the situation go away, but leave Flint to continue its free-market decline, so to speak.
    I enjoyed seeing the politicians blast other piliticians, too. But, it is a show, ultimately. Democrats hope to gain angry votes from this.
    Good article, brother-man!