Wednesday, March 30, 2016


So a couple of years ago or so there was this Ypsilanti/Willow Run schools merger. As many of you may know this poorly managed merger was widely covered by this publication. I wrote in detail about how dismissively  teachers in the districts were treated by the administration during the merger. There is no need to re-hash all of that mess now. The point is that because of the fact that teachers were treated poorly the children in the end suffered as well. But wait! There is more! As reported by MLive today it turns out that the principal of Ypsilanti High School, Tanya Bowman, is facing federal bribery charges stemming from her time as a principal in Detroit Public Schools.

Haven't students in Ypsilanti been subjected to enough problems already over the last couple years?! What with reports of school over crowding and issues of safety in the new consolidated district, some of those accusations coming in anonymously to Purple Walrus Press in 2013 from teachers, enough already! For all of the talk in this nation about about the importance of positive role models for students and young people how ironic is it that the principal of a major high school in our area is facing federal charges for bribery and that school business was sited as a tool in the alleged scheme.

Aren't teachers and school administrators supposed to embody positive ethics, morals, decision making and setting the bar high as far as values or whatever you would like to call it? Apparently, that way of thinking is as out-dated as letter men jackets and Bobby socks. IF these allegations are true what a pitiful example Tanya Bowman and 12 other Detroit Public Schools officials have made for students.

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief  Purple Walrus Press

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