Friday, September 23, 2016


I was really looking forward to reviewing the Fred Eaglesmith concert at the Ark in Ann Arbor Thursday night, I really was. Honestly, I hadn't heard of the the Canadian country roots sing/songwriter until my old buddy and PWP print edition layout genius and contributor Chai Montgomery turned me onto him two weeks ago.

There has been quite a buzz around the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area lately about Eaglesmith. The bummer is the show was cancelled, zapped, kaputski. Shortly before the scheduled 8pm concert a couple of signs went up in the Ark window about the cancellation. A woman in the ticket office politely, and apologetically explained that Eaglesmith's bus was having problems on the road. My buddy Chai offered to go get Eaglesmith himself, but to no avail. His bus broke down. Rats!

Fans were very disappointed. One fan had driven all the way down from my hometown of Flint to see the concert. I know that the wonderful staff at the Ark felt badly about the cancellation, also. By the way, The Ark is one of the best and most important music venues in the United States. Big bummer for all concerned to be sure. I bet Fred Eaglesmith will make it to the Ark at sometime or another and it will be fantastic.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

That's me, Jeff, in Black tee shirt talking to fellow Flintstone and Eaglesmith fan in blue shirt.. Purple Walrus Press.
Unhappy fan from Flint on left, and PWP staffer Chai Montgomery. Chai is also not happy. . Photo Purple Walrus Press.

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