Monday, September 19, 2016


The residents of the city of Ypsilanti should be very thankful to the
Ypsilanti Township park system that provides 30 parks and recreation
facilities totaling over 900 acres. In season, May through September,
the parks are staffed by attendants who take care of the boardwalks,
trails, picnic shelters, canoe and kayaking, athletic fields and so
much more.  Through the years, my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed
North Bay Park.  It's one of our favorite ways to escape from reality.


The Daily Grind.  The 9-5  merry go round.  The Career.  Call it what
you may but it's that thing we all must do to pay bills.  Work, Work,
Work!!  But there is relief.  Medical research shows that the sounds,
sights and smells of the great outdoors has an amazing stress reducing
ability.  In addition, Spending time with nature can decrease pent up
frustrations and depression, increase self esteem, make one less
aggressive and violent and generally improve one's outlook on life.

Who knew?  Well, thanks for asking!!  Some of the most famous names
who ever lived had an opinion about good old Mother Nature.  Einstein
said:  "Look deep into nature and you will understand everything
better."  Ralph Waldo Emerson added:  "The earth laughs in flowers".
Aristotle himself said: "In all things nature, there is something
marvelous."   We can only wonder where was their escape from reality?
Did they have a place like our North Bay Park?

North Bay is a 139 acre park located on the west end of Ford lake
featuring a board walk, nature trails, wetlands, an observation deck,
bridges, restrooms and picnic areas and is staffed during the season.
Enter at the service drive just off Huron just past the park and ride


One of my favorite songs by the Beatles comes to mind when we start on
the trail down to the boardwalk.  It's steep and woodsy.  At any given
time we hear the warbles of Cardinals, Blue Jays, Orioles or Gold
Finches.  Hey, there goes a possum chasings a squirrel up the tree.
Chipmunks, turtles and frogs might cross our path.  Once we make it to
the boardwalk we are met with a panoramic scene of the wetlands of
Ford lake. An occasional Osprey flies menacingly overhead but never
seems to bother the beautiful white and blue Herons that gingerly
walking in the shallows hunting for tidbits. Oftentimes, through the
years we've seen a mother Swan tending to her little ones while the
male is off in the distance foraging for food.   A family of turtles
are sunning themselves on a branch protruding from the lake.  Whoosh!
Barn Swallows frequently flitter over and under the boardwalk.

Suddenly there's a commotion in the water as some carp have a big
disagreement over feeding grounds.   The lake has a wide variety of
fish including large and small mouth bass, pike, bluegill, catfish,
crappies, and walleye.  There always seems to be somebody baiting a
hook and trying to catch some action.  And then there are the geese.
If you're ever walking the trail and see a gaggle of geese coming
toward you with their little ones, BEWARE, THEY WILL ATTACK AND DRIVE
YOU BACK!!  Most of the times they are calm and considerate.  But, I
guess they have bad days like the rest of us.


It's so easy to get caught up in the pure serenity of North Bay.
Relax. Soak it up. Take a deep breath.  Listen to the ripple of the
waves as they wash ashore.  If you listen close enough you can hear
the chatter of the animal world here and there.  Your tranquility
might be interrupted by an errant golf ball landing in the woods or
splashing in the lake from the Eagle Crest golf course.  This may be
followed by a grunt or groan from the player who sent it there.  Not
to worry. Even the distant din of traffic on I-94 is a mere hum in the
background.  Spend an hour.  Spend a few hours.  Bring a picnic
basket.  Rediscover yourself.   Replenish that worn down battery cell
that drives your passion for life. This is a great way to get closer
to loved ones and family. Become one with nature in your own special
way. Feel like you're a world away right here at North Bay Park.

Anyone who has taken this little escape to North Bay knows what this
feeling is like and can relate to this idyllic getaway.  Doesn't
matter if your rich or poor.  Come as you are.  The beauty of the
Autumn season is upon us and the trees will be a canvas fit for Van
Gogh or Picasso.   Your escape from reality awaits you and yours at
North Bay Park.

Bob Resch


  1. I have enjoyed these sights many a time.

  2. Thanks for your support of Ypsilanti Township Parks. Much appreciated.

    Monica Ross-Williams
    Ypsilanti Township Parks Commissioner