Monday, September 5, 2016


Let's face it.  This year,  we the residents of Normal Park have been
spoiled. We've been serenaded by a wonderful summer that featured
Mother Nature's sizzling symphony of 19 sweltering days over 90
degrees in August.

But,  all good things must pass, and as September neared, you could
hear it.  You could feel it.   That distant thunder on the horizon.
The sound of marching drums beating a familiar cadence.  The rhythm is
hypnotic and starts a burning fever that fills one's heart and soul
with anticipation.  It fills you with high expectations.  The fever
spreads from one person to another and becomes a brewing buzz reported
in the paper, on TV, on line, and on the radio.  Day by day the fever
grows to epidemic proportions. And, just when you feel like you can't
take it anymore.....the big day arrives with a mighty bang.  It is the
most special time of the year!!  It is................................

F O O T B A L L     S A T U R D A Y  !!

All across Collegiate America, Football Saturday is a magical time of
year where everything breaks out at a fever pitch.  Tailgating,
face-painting, rip-roaring block parties filled with barbeques, beer
and alumni sharing tall tails from yesteryear!!   It's strangers high
fiving strangers celebrating a touchdown.  It's the time to wear and
swear by your team colors.  It's the countdown to kickoff that creates
the fandemonium. Student body left, student body right, everybody
stand up, sit down, fight, fight fight.  This can only

F O O T B A L L    S A T U R D A Y !!

And lo and behold, we've just experienced the first Football Saturday
of 2016, and we all know that  MICHIGAN destroyed Hawaii, 63-3.  MSU
defeated Furman 28-13 and EMU won big over Mississippi Valley State,
61-14.  Winning is a beautiful feeling.   Being in first place in your
division is even greater feeling.  Hope of a Championship is alive and
well.  The fever continues to burn hot and heavy for all the teams and
the fans alike.  That's why THIS is the most special time of the year.
That's why we all love.........................


Bob Resch  Purple Walrus Press contributor

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