Friday, November 25, 2016


I just heard the news that it will take at least $2 million PER DAY to cover Trump and his family with security while he's in the White House. This does not include the massive amount of extra security
installed at the Trump Tower in New York. His Thanksgiving Day
holiday bill alone was $7 million. And guess who foots the bill?
That's right. The American taxpayers. And he says he wants to cut
spending. That security bill alone will be $730 million per year!!

So, I started thinking that since Trump considers himself a star
("when you're a star, you know you can get away with anything."), how
about making him a ROCK STAR releasing his first album.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting, DONNIE TRUMP AND THE JIVE TURKEY BAND!.

That's right. You've heard his songs for the last 16 months being
played all over TV, Radio, and the Internet. How about "Build The
Great Wall" (And Mexico Will Pay For It!), or "Temporarily Ban All
Foreign Muslims" (Until We Can Figure Out What The Hell Is Going
On!"), don't forget "Repeal and Replace Obamacare", or the smash dance
track "The Election Is Rigged, Folks".

The rough and tough "Crooked Hillary" (Lock Her Up) is followed by the
tearjerker "I Don't Want To Hurt Her". Another bluesy song called
"Drain The Swamp" (But Most Of My Transition Team Is Filled With DC
Insiders). There's also the incendiary "When It Comes To ISIS" ( I
Would Bomb The S#@T Out Of Them), and many, many more!

Don't forget to buy his latest book entitled "Electile Dysfunction",
How My Pompous Ass Won The Presidency Without Any Governmental

Look out Justin Bieber and you other rock stars, here comes Donnie
Trump and the Jive Turkey Band. Coming to your town soon!!

Bob Resch
Purple Walrus Press.

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