Wednesday, November 2, 2016


As of 1:00 Wednesday afternoon roughly 75 to 100 Eastern Michigan University students are holding a rally protesting the latest act of bigoted, racist graffiti that was found written on a campus building Monday.

Several student protesters spoke at the rally calling for unity and expressing dismay, outrage, and anger at the fact that more racist graffiti has shown up on the Ypsilanti campus.

The atmosphere became tense when a student wearing a "Make America Great Again" ball cap was called out by a protester who had spoken earlier at the rally. The protester pointedly asked the student wearing the ball cap why he was at the rally. One protester defended the student with the ball cap stating basically that the student was not trying to stir up or condemn demonstrators.

I spoke to a EMU student attending the rally named Gabrielle. She did not want to disclose her last name. I am paraphrasing her comments. Gabrielle is a senior from Ohio. Gabrielle stated that she is exhausted by the recent incidences of racist graffiti on campus lately. She also said that as an African American she is aware of the differences everyday.

Gabrielle told me she does have faith that good will happen eventually, and that she prays that protests and on campus diversity promoting conferences will attract and educate more EMU students. Gabrielle said that she has learned a lot about other cultures from attending diversity conferences, but was clear that she wants more students to attend. Gabrielle also told me that she appreciates that Eastern Michigan University encourages diversity events and conferences.

Students at EMU have every right to be angry. I was very impressed with today's rally and equally impressed with student speakers participating in the demonstration who addressed those in attendance.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Student protest EMU Wednesday. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

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