Monday, November 14, 2016


Several hundred demonstrators protested Trumps presidency Monday night on the campus of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti Monday evening. The message protesters sent was clear. They are angry, frightened and appalled that Trump has been elected president of the United States, and rightfully so.

The demonstration began in front of McKenny Hall on campus, Quickly, the crowd grew to roughly a couple hundred people, mostly EMU students. Speakers at the protest spoke of unity against violence and hate. The crowd responded with cheers. The second speaker was a demonstration organizer. He asked the crowd to raise up the peace sign. The protesters did so with enthusiasm, and passion,

After several speakers addressed the crowd of demonstrators the protesters, including myself, enthusiastically marched through downtown Ypsilanti and back up to campus. EMU police accompanied protesters insuring the demonstrators safety as we march through the city streets.

I spoke with  EMU student protester Thomas Jahanian. He was clear that he was not happy about a Trump presidency. Jahanian stated, "I was curious about the goals of the rally and this organization. I don't think his presidency will be over turned.  I'm hoping to see the community stand against the violence of the last few days," Jahanian said.

I am also appalled, frightened and angry about the fact that Trump has been elected president. Many people are angry about the fact that Trump has been elected.

As an EMU alum I am proud that so many people took part in this Not My President protest. I'm just as impressed with the organizers of the demonstration.

Further, it should be noted that at the end of the protest and march the demonstration organizers thanked the EMU police dept for doing such a wonderful job protecting them during the march. Well done.

Jeff Brown
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Purple Walrus Press.
Protesting Trump presidency on EMU campus. Photo Purple Walrus Press.


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  2. A good march, and a long one at that. Indeed, kudos to EMU police for managing traffic so the protestors could march safely.