Friday, June 23, 2017

Clean up underway Border to Border Trail Water Street Redevelopment area Ypsilanti

Many residents in Ypsilanti may be wondering what is happening with the Border to Border Trail located in the Water Street Redevelopment area in Ypsi. The portion of the picturesque trail that winds along the Huron River between Grove Road and Michigan Ave has been closed for over a year due to soil contamination at the site of the trail located in the Water Street Redevelopment area.

Purple Walrus Press recently reached out to Ypsilanti Director of Economic Development Beth Ernat for information regarding the current status of the trail. Ernat told PWP that the section of the trail situated between Grove Rd and Michigan Ave has been closed due to the fact that the City found contaminated soils around the path. Ernat stated that this portion of the path has been closed since the trail was built.

In order to create a solution to the contamination issue, the City of Ypsilanti received a grant from the Washtenaw County Brownfield Authority for remediation activities surrounding the trail. Ernat added that the Trail itself remains safe because the asphalt creates a sufficient barrier.

According to Ernat, "Remediation work will be on-going into July. Currently, clean fill has been brought to the site and small site preparation activities have occurred."

Trucks and heavy machinery will be on-site for the next few weeks in order to dig and scrape the contaminated soil off the area before adding clean soil.

Jeff Brown
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  1. Does the future development company have a thought on this? Speaking of, sorry, typing of which, they were/are/should have done studies by this time, right ? What is the " other side of the coin" doing/thinking/planning at this time ? Any contact with the City as to their progress ?

  2. Good Questions. I'll look into it. Thanks for commenting.

    Jeff Brown