Saturday, June 3, 2017

First Annual Ypsi Pride attracts joyful and exuberant crowd downtown Ypsilanti Friday

The First Annual Ypsi Pride event took place Friday, June 2, in downtown Ypsilanti, and can only be described as a smashing success, as an entire city block was packed with beautiful, happy, and exuberant people of every stripe. The event was hosted by EMU Lgbtrc, First Fridays Ypsilanti, Ypsi Pride, and Ypsi Real. The first annual Ypsi Pride was essentially a gigantic block party located on N. Washington Street between Michigan Ave and Pearl. The event was fun, dynamic, full of good vibes. Ypsi Pride was family friendly, also. Plenty of young kids and even a few baby strollers could be seen enjoying the street party.

The big ole block Party is actually a partnership with First Fridays Ypsilanti. According to event organizers, the event is in addition to to the monthly art & culture walk.

Stage performers included, Duane The Jet Black Eel, Kater Peterson, Wraiths, DJ Stacks/Culture, Mango, Justin Covington, Devine Leatherman, and Ypsilanti Drill Team. The Gratitude Steele Band put on a fantastic performance outdoors next to the Ypsilanti Public Library a couple blocks away.

Also featured at the event were resource tables represented by several area groups including WCC Nurse Association, Corner Health Center, and Ann Arbor Roller Derby.

Artist Tables included, Affected, Queer Crip Pussy Poets, Support the T, Queer Zine Table, and Hero Nation-Ypsilanti.

Ypsi Pride volunteer Christoffer Neville was very impressed by the large crowd and said he will be looking forward to the event for years to come.

Jeff Brown
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Photos Purple Walrus Press.
Gratitude Steel Band.

Christoffer Neville

Ypsi Pride event in downtown Ypsilanti Friday evening. Photo Purple Walrus Press.
Event steering committee member Heather Freeling
Vivica Vavoom.


  1. It was organized by a group of lgbtq community members in partnership with First Fridays ypsilanti. Emu LGBTrc was a sponsor and ypsi real as well and tons of other sponsors.

  2. It was an exuberant crowd, everyone having fun. Glad I had the opportunity to be there!