Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Eastern Michigan University sets new record for student athlete graduation rate.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

According to Eastern Michigan University, the NCAA graduation rate report was released last Wednesday and EMU student athletes have set a new student athlete graduation rate record. According to the report, EMU student athletes recorded a graduation rate of 83%. According to the EMU press release, that figure represents an increase of two points higher than last year's rate.

According to statements made to EMU by Vice President/Director of Athletics Scott Wetherbee,  "Academic success and degree completion are high-priority items for this department." "I want to commend our student-athletes for their efforts and ability to balance all of the academic and athletic demands, our coaches for their focus on education first and recruiting talented students to our teams, and our staff for their ongoing support of our student-athletes' academic endeavors."


  1. This press release hides more than it reveals. Graduation rates for all student athletes is deceptive; graduation rates for those sports with teams with predictably high GPAs, averaged with teams like football and basketball, with low GPAs on average, obscures the low grad rates of our most expensive sports.

  2. I agree with Mark H. Good to see the graduation rate is moving higher but the 83% is deceiving. How about breaking it down by sport?