Saturday, March 3, 2018

Student led Die-In held at Liberty Plaza in Ann Arbor Saturday.

Photo Purple Walrus Press.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

Roughly 175 people participated in a student led Die In and rally held at Liberty Plaza in downtown Ann Arbor Saturday, March 3. Ann Arbor Pioneer high school students organized the rally / Die In to honor the victims and survivors of the Parkland Florida shooting. According to student organizers, "We will commemorate the lives of the 17 students and teachers killed and we will protest gun violence in America by staging a Die In. Together we will demand action from legislators who have stood idly by while our nations children are being massacred with weapons of war."

The Die In / Rally featured student speakers and comments from Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor and Ann Arbor Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeanice Swift.

Participants in the Die In included not only local high school students but residents of all ages. Many participants carried signs stating 'I Should Not Be Afraid To Go To School' and 'Never Again.'

According to one student speaker who attends Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, "We are not old enough to vote but we won't be silenced." Skyline High School senior Liam Keaton addressed the large crowd stating, "Congress misrepresented the wishes of the people after Sandy Hook...Why? The answer is the NRA."

Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor and Ann Arbor Superintendent Jeanice Swift spoke before rally participants stating their full support of high school student gun violence protesters and pledged to support students in their quest for gun control legislation.

Members of the Pioneer High School choir performed as the event came to a close.

Purple Walrus Press fully supports high school students in Washtenaw County and throughout the nation in their brave and powerful movement to legislate strict gun control legislation.

Photos Purple Walrus Press.

Ann Arbor Pioneer student organizer.
Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor.
Ann Arbor Schools Superintendent Jeanice Swift.
Ann Arbor Skyline High School student organizer.

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  1. Excellent coverage of this inspiring event! I estimated the crowd closer to 250 at its peak.