Tuesday, July 17, 2018

On Trump's performance in Helsinki Monday: PWP contributor Brooks Parola.

Photo Purple Walrus Press.

By Brooks Parola formerly of Flint.

I guess I have mixed feelings about all this. On the one hand, of course we have a right to be outraged over Trump's performance in Helsinki today, (and I am outraged) and yet on the other hand, is anyone who's got a clue surprised by it?
I mean, what did those of us who KNOW that Trump is Putin's lackey expect? That he would actually stand there next to him, and have the balls to call him out?
Folks, a pee-pee tape is probably the tamest thing Putin has on Trump. Trump is deathly afraid of him, and with very good reason...Putin likes to kill people.
But, back to my feelings. In a way, I'm a bit happy(?) relieved(?) especially when you see even FOX condemning him. This meeting, coming only days after the Russian indictments, forced him to call out Putin in a big way. We really should not have been surprised that he didn't; especially when he didn't cancel the meeting soon after the indictments were handed down.
But in refusing to cancel the meeting he put himself in this position. A position of having to choose between Putin, and the United States...BEFORE THE WORLD!!
Well, he made his choice, and the world is outraged, and yes...I'm rather happy about that.
This could very well be a turning point.

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