Sunday, November 24, 2019

On The Flint Water Crisis: By Purple Walrus Press Contributor And Activist Melissa Mays of Flint: Water Crisis Drags On.

What blows my mind is that the #FlintWaterCrisis has been dragging on for 2,027 and while the world says "Oh my, what about the children," the City, County and State Education Systems continue to fail our kids. Instead of putting in the proper special education supports and screening these kids properly, kids are being suspended for "behavioral issues." The schools should be seeing if these behaviors are lead or disability related or what it is and HELP THEM, not send them home for the parents to be helpless on how to help AND deny these kids the proper education and supports promised to them. Flint families are innocent but are continuing to be failed by the systems and agencies that exist to help.

By Melissa Mays of Flint.

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