Thursday, June 18, 2020

Protest Calling For the Resignation of Ypsilanti Mayor Bashert Planned For Monday: Mayor Apologizes For Statement Made At City Council Meeting.

By Editor in Chief & Publisher Jeff Brown.

There will be a protest calling for the resignation of Ypsilanti Mayor Beth Bashert on Monday, June 22 in Ypsilanti. The protest is being organized by the group Survivors Speak.

Wednesday evening, Ypsilanti Mayor Beth Bashert posted a lengthy apology for making what she called "A biased statement" at a June 16 Ypsilanti City Council meeting. Wednesday night an audio recording of the city council meeting was made available on a Ypsilanti facebook page. Bashert can be heard stating the comments that she apologized for Wednesday night. According to audio of the June 16 Ypsilanti City Council meeting Bashert stated,  "Since I will be crucified if I vote against any black person on any commission, I will vote yes." Later in the recording, when a council person asks Bashert to apologize for her statement, Bashert replies, "Thank you. I will consider your comments."

The protest calling for the resignation of Ypsilanti Mayor Beth Bashert will take place on Monday, June 22 at 4PM - 6PM. 1 South Huron Street in Ypsilanti.

Additional information about the protest a found Here

Below is the June 17 apology posted on Bashert's facebook page.

Last night at City Council, I made a biased statement and voted based on that statement. Then I compounded the whole thing by digging in and getting defensive when questioned. All of those actions were racist. I am deeply ashamed and saddened that I did this. I have spent the time since that meeting feeling remorse, shame, and anger at myself.
I understand that none of the terrible feelings I am having at this time come close to the painful experiences Black and Brown people suffer due to racism.
Recently, City Council declared that Racism is a Public Health Issue which impacts everyone. As a white person, unfortunately, I am a racist person because I was raised in a racist culture and because I am an imperfect human being. I care deeply about confronting racism, yet that does not mean that I am not racist. I am trying to confront racism in myself.
I am committed to learning in public and sometimes that entails making mistakes in public. I have made a number of mistakes around race and racism while being mayor. I am grateful for the patience I have received, the teaching that others have provided, and I strive to learn something from each mistake. And I have gone on to make entirely NEW mistakes in public, inevitably.
I continue to take action to educate myself about racism. As a leader, I have helped raise the issue of race in local, state and national interviews and conversations. When the COVID Pandemic put a spotlight on race inequities and disparities in our local and national communities, I acted to protect the residents of the community I represent. As part of that work, I have shown up, donated, written proclamations, endorsed and supported candidates, marched in demonstrations, built friendships across race lines, consulted folks across race lines for solutions, encouraged projects that will help Ypsilanti’s Black community, voted to support progressive actions that target racism, and more. These actions are a sign of my good intent.
I hope that my actions have been better than my words, as I join with others in the fight to end racism. My actions have not been perfect, by far, and I continue to learn.
Last night, I was defensive and frustrated and caused harm as a result. I harmed my fellow council members, especially Mayor Pro Tem Lois Richardson, Nicole Brown, and Anthony Morgan. I harmed City Manager McMullan.
I deeply regret my words and I apologize. I desire to work to repair my relationships with Council members. I hope that these individuals and the community can see their way through to offering me forgiveness, as I seek to do better. But I understand that it is my task alone to tackle.

I am committed to continuing to show up, to learn to be a better ally, and join in the work to end systemic racism. I hope to earn back your respect and I’m grateful for any opportunity to benefit from your help in doing so. I thank you for your kind attention.


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