Friday, July 29, 2016


Ypsilanti Township Trustee candidates Monica Williams and Tyrone Bridges sent out a press release  calling for immediate action on business US 12 intersection. Both Williams and Bridges are West Willow residents.

The call to action is due to the fact that there is currently an urgent situation that must be addressed in regard to public safety, specifically, pedestrians crossing the road at the intersections of Business US 12, Dorset Street and Ford Boulevard. This is a hazardous intersection for pedestrians.

Tragically, on July 25 Anthony McGeorge died after being struck by a car while riding his bicycle home from work. This accident occurred on West Business US 12 and Southeast Ford Boulevard. Anthony was only 18 years old.

Ypsilanti Township Trustee Candidates Monica Williams and Tyrone Bridges believe that the area is hazardous to pedestrians and that immediate steps must be taken to ensure pedestrian safety in that area. I couldn't agree more. Williams and Bridges stress that there is need for a high intensity activated crosswalk signal and increased lighting in the area where U.S. 12 meets Dorset Street and Ford Boulevard.

Resident Joann McCollum  is frustrated with the fact that this hazardous situation for pedestrians has not been given adequate attention in the West Willow Neighborhood. In the press release from the Williams and Bridges campaigns, the West Willow resident stated, "I'm really frustrated with the intersection and it's obvious that something needs to change there." "The road commission needs to contact our community  and let us know if they are aware of the dangers that exist in the section of Business U.S. 12 Dorset Street and Ford Boulevard, and what the are planning to do about it."

Tyrone Bridges, who lives near the intersection in West Willow has seen many accidents in this section near his home.

In the press release Bridges stated, "Every citizen without public transportation should have a safe passageway to walk, ride a bike or other means of commuting without being subject to being hit by a car that fails to respect the rights of pedestrians on the Business U.S. 12 Interchange."

Monica Williams stated to PWP that Roy Townsend from the Washtenaw County Road Commission said that MDOT takes the lead on addressing the issues in the Business US 12/Dorset Street/Tyler Road intersection with the Washtenaw County Road Commission responsible for 50%. Williams stated that this information was from a phone call Thursday morning.

As stated in the press release, West Willow resident Monica Williams said, "We as residents of  the West Willow Community have repeatedly raised the issue for years of adding additional safety measures to the Business U.S. 12, Dorset Street  and Ford Boulevard Interchange. "The intersection as it currently stands  is not safe for pedestrians  as number of injuries plus fatalities have occurred there. Something should be done and it should be done now."

I completely agree with statements made by Candidates and West Willow residents Monica Williams and Tyrone Bridges. If, as Williams stated, the issue of  public safety has been raised many times over the years (and I believe her) and nothing has been done by the MDOT or the Washtenaw County Road Commission, it is absolutely appalling. Further, I visited the hazardous intersection twice on Thursday and saw no street lights or lighting of any kind anywhere near the interchange. Unacceptable. Residents have every right to be angry and demand not only immediate change but answers as to way the dire situation at this intersection has not been addressed.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press
The US 12. Dorset Street and Ford Boulevard Interchange. Ypsilanti Township. Purple Walrus Press.

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