Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ann Arbor Hash Bash was a real smash!

So I woke up Saturday morning remembering that the old Ann Arbor Hash Bash was happening during the day. I quickly decided to head downtown at noon, or rather, "High Noon," to cover the festivities on the UM Diag. Great idea, I thought to myself.

Well, let me say that I'm no prude but I had never gone to the Ann Arbor Hash Bash before and driving into downtown Ann Arbor was like driving out of downtown Chicago at rush hour. Parking space? Forget about it! I had to park over on the West side of Ann Arbor and hoof it over to central campus!

As I was walking between Maynard and State Street on William heading toward campus I looked up and saw something hovering over what seemed to be the middle of the Diag. What was it I wondered. Was it a UFO? Was it some kind of freakish fog? Was it a very, very low cloud descending upon the UM Diag? No. As I approached the massive thing a bit closer I realized it was a gigantic, enormous, man eating haze of pure marijuana! There it was, this thick greyish thing hanging there right over the middle of the Diag! Holy mackerel, I thought. I was afraid to go too close to it!

Well, anyway, after a little pleasant chatting with the friendly Hare Krishna folks who were situated at the corner of the Diag near State Street, I summoned the courage to walk over to the exact location of the gigantic man eating haze where all the smokers and speakers had gathered. Of course, I had my trusty camera. People actually kept coming over to me and asking if would take their picture while they were holding up bags of marijuana! Geez. I would say to them, "Do you really want me to take a picture of you holding up a big bag of marijuana? "Sure! they would say. Hmm.

To be honest, I didn't last very long out there on the Diag as I started to feel a little woozy. I'm a light-weight!

I said goodbye to the friendly Hare Krishna group and decided to head over to the M-Den on State Street and to chat with my old friend who manages the shop. I felt the need to thumb through a Bo Schembechler book, you know, just to gain a little equilibrium.

But seriously, it was a gorgeous day, people were out at the old Hash Bash having a great time and that's a beautiful thing!

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.
Ann Arbor Hash Bash UM Diag 2017. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

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