Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fresh Thyme in Ypsilanti forced to close its doors Tuesday due to potential power surge.

Information is sketchy at this time, but as of 9:00 Tuesday morning Fresh Thyme Market in Ypsilanti has been forced to close its doors for the time being because the cash registers are not functioning. Currently, employees are in the parking lot of the store notifying customers that the market is closed until further notice.

According to Assistant Store Director Ben Ondreyka, they are waiting for DTE to arrive and assess the situation. Ondreyka stated to Purple Walrus Press that the store does have basic power as far as lights and refrigeration, but that the registers have, "Lost internet connection." It was evident that Ondreyka was not exactly sure what the source of the issue is, but speculated that there may have been some kind of power surge that has led to a lack of internet connection for the cash registers.

Ondreyka stated that everything was in working order when produce workers arrived to work at 5:00 am Tuesday, but suddenly, at 7:00 am, the register power loss / lack of connection was discovered.

Stay tuned for updated information.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.


As of early Tuesday afternoon Fresh Thyme has re-opened. According to Assistant Store Director Ben Ondreyka, a phone breaker was tripped. Fresh Thyme management contacted the phone company and the situation was quickly resolved by approximately 11:00 am.

Fresh Thyme employee notifies customers that the store is closed Tuesday morning in Ypsilanti. Purple Walrus Press photo. 

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