Monday, April 17, 2017

Earth Day March for Science Ypsilanti Saturday April 22.

Keep Saturday, April 22 open on your calendar, folks. Why? Because it is Earth Day, and a very important and interesting event will be taking place in Ypsilanti called March for Science. The event will be hosted by Ypsilanti / EMU Women's Huddle and it sounds fantastic! Various area and local organizations and residents that stand in support of the fact that science is extremely instrumental in sustaining a healthy environment, will be holding a peaceful march and rally on Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day). The march will begin at 3pm in front of the Mark Jefferson Science Complex on the campus of Eastern Michigan University where there will be a brief program. Following the program participants will march to to Riverside Park where there will be a closing program. The event will end by 5pm.

There will be several speakers at the event, including Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, canidate for Governor Abdul El-Sayed, and Ypsilanti City Council Member Lois Richardson. Multiple organization will also be participatimg in the march including Ypsi / EMU Women's Huddle, Ypsilanti To Believe In, Michigan To Believe In / Our Revolution, American Federation of Government Employees Local 3907, Huron Valley Area Labor Federatioon, AFL-CIO, Ypsi Food Coop, Solar Ypsi, EMU Federation of Teachers, Mentor2youth, and the Washtenaw Reginal Organizing Coalition (WeROC). Wow! That's a lot of organizations. Hope I didn't miss any!

Hundreds of Marches for Science will be occurring around Michigan, the nation and all of the world on this day. These marches are in direct support of the March for Science in Washington, D.C. Organizers on a local and national level are focused on mobilizing and uniting a major, diverse and nonpartisan movement for positive change. Further, organizers are intent in calling on local, state and national policy makers to back and support science and evidence based policy making.

According to local march co-organizer and EMU science degree candidate Katie Baker,"As our community and our nation face unprecedented environmental, medical, energy, agricultural, and many other challenges, I'm amazed that we have to act urgently together today to maintain the fundamental role of honest and credible science into the future. But we do!"

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press

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