Friday, January 26, 2018

Beth Bashert Has Announced Candidacy For Mayor of Ypsilanti.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.
Friday morning, January 26, Purple Walrus Press received a press release stating that Beth Bashert is announcing her campaign to serve as the next mayor of Ypsilanti. According to the press release, there will be a Campaign Kickoff Event on Saturday February 17, Sidetrack Bar & Grill. The event will be held from 4:30-6:30 pm. The following is Bashert's announcement from Friday's press release.
I am announcing my campaign to serve as Ypsilanti’s next mayor, along with a Campaign Kickoff Event on Saturday February 17, Sidetrack Bar & Grill, 4:30-6:30pm.
I know that I can provide the strong leadership that we need to successfully prioritize Ypsilanti’s goals and resources. We are moving into our first fiscal year without financial crisis.  This gives us the opportunity to help our city move forward after many years of struggle. We must do this in a smart and effective manner.  
Local politics is my passion. I care deeply about the future of our city; my children and grandchild live in Ypsilanti. During the 27 years my spouse and I have lived here, I have worked as a campaign manager, a fund developer to provide services and shelter for homeless people, an activist to protect women’s right to choose and to protect green spaces, and as a community organizer to pass & protect Ypsilanti’s LGBTQ+ non-discrimination ordinance.  In addition, while representing Ward 2 on City Council, I have been active in other efforts to further many other causes that are important to our community. In my copious spare time, I also sell cars at a local dealership!
It has been a challenge and privilege to serve on City Council this past year. I’ve worked with—and learned from—the public servants and staff who do the work, give the time, and yes, take the heat in helping Ypsilanti be the best it can be.
I look forward to bringing our city together to work on pressing issues, such as racial justice, housing affordability, sustainability, economic growth.
Unity and leadership for the future of Ypsilanti!

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