Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cow on the lam in Superior Township Thursday.

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

Thursday afternoon, January 4, the  Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department sent out an intriguing statement to community. According to the Sheriff's Department, "Superior Township Deputies are looking for a loose cow in the area of Dixboro and Plymouth. Any citizen who sees this animal please contact Washtenaw Metro Dispatch 734-994-2911.

A Loose cow around Dixboro and Plymouth Road?! Wow! As 5:00 pm rolled around the cow apparently, hadn't been located. Strange. How can a cow manage to stay out of sight in a pretty highly populated area? I mean, how quickly can a cow move, and how much territory can they cover in a couple of hours? I have absolutely no idea. By 5:30 pm Thursday, I couldn't resist grabbing my camera to head over to nearby Dixboro by car to see if I could find the cow, or least, cover the capturing of the runaway cow. My 9 year old daughter was as intrigued as I was about the runaway cow and was eager to come with me. Although it was close to dinner time, my wife gave us her amused blessings. Off my daughter and I went in the car in search of the Dixboro cow.

Within 10 minutes of Ypsi we were in the heart of Dixboro, with camera in hand. All the way over to Dixboro my daughter had her eyes trained on the wooded areas off of Dixboro Rd, eyes peeled for the runaway cow, of course.

I don't know why, but I decided to drive over around the Humane Society on Cherry Hill. I mean, maybe the cow sensed there were some fury friends over there in the vicinity. Nope, no cow.

Next, we went back to Dixboro Rd and headed to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens off of Dixboro. Lots of woods and fields over there surrounding the main building...perfect place for a runaway cow to hang out. Nope, no cow

Then my daughter pointed up. She spotted a helicopter that was circling around and around the vicinity of Dixboro and Plymouth Road. Maybe the chopper spotted it! It had a spotlight and everything. My hunch is that it was a news helicopter. Hell, if we could afford it, Purple Walrus Press would have a news chopper, also! Anyway, the chopper soon left the area, and so did we.

I sure hope they find that cow soon. Cold out there! We'll keep you updated.

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