Saturday, December 14, 2019

On Trump Impeachment And Needed Social And Political Change: Contributed to Purple Walrus Press By Jessica Prozinski

Trump is going to be impeached next week. That’s super important (obviously?) Imagine the alternative…Trump gets through 4 years untouched by ANY consequences whatsoever of his criminal behavior.
Unfortunately, the Democrats’ plan to impeach Trump for his LEAST serious crimes is a continuation of their disastrous policy of fighting Trumpism with caution and half-stepping.
In case anyone was thinking we can all sit back and relax, remember that without our constant pressure on our reps over the past three years, we wouldn't have gotten to this point.
We're probably looking at acquittal, or dismissal of the charges, in the Senate. Which says absolutely nothing about Trump’s crimes or the impeachment process, and everything about what the Republican Party has become. We have to raise holy hell and demand that the Senate stand for some goddam thing except their corporate masters. Until recently, impeachment in the House seemed close to impossible. We couldn’t have predicted the weird Ukrainian phone call, and we don’t know what is around the next corner.
The next year is going to be a wild ride. Those of us who don’t hold political office are far from impotent. Mass action is the most powerful expression of democracy. It’s how the U.S. was born, how slavery was ended, and how the Civil Rights Movement won its victories. If you think I’m unrealistic for believing that mass political action can happen in the U.S. again, I think it’s unrealistic to believe that the laws of history and social change don’t apply to us.
It’s very important that we have a big turnout at the impeachment rallies next week. If you don’t know where your local one is, they’re listed on the MoveOn website. We need to give the biggest push possible to the impeachment and removal effort and send a message to Trump’s enablers that there will be a heavy price to pay for being so servile to this would-be dictator.
The past three years have changed our country and all of us permanently. We might only be the in the middle, or even at the beginning, of this upheaval. We’re facing terrible risks. But there’s also the chance that this could be the impetus for desperately needed social and political change. I have hope.


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