Monday, March 27, 2017

Car accident at corner of Mansfield and Cross in Ypsilanti.

As of 5:10 Monday afternoon there has been a serious car accident at the intersection of Mansfield and Cross Street in Ypsilanti. I was at the scene minutes ago and can report a two car accident with both vehicles showing extensive damage. I did see that the air bag was deployed in one vehicle, and would imagine that the air bag also deployed in the other vehicle based on the amount of damage.

The driver of a tow truck at the scene told me that one female has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was not sure of her condition.

I spoke to one man who told me he was the driver of one of the vehicles in the accident. The details he gave me are a little unclear as he was quite shaken from the accident though he said he was not injured. According to the driver who told me his name was Montez, he was driving North on Mansfield, proceeding through a green light. He stated that the other vehicle struck his car as it was turning left onto Mansfield from Cross Street. This according to Montez. This is my understanding of what I was told by the driver of one of the vehicles. To be clear, this information is unconfirmed. Purple Walrus Press was unable to get a statement from police at the scene.

Jeff Brown
5:15 pm Monday, March 27. Cross and Mansfield in Ypsilanti. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

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