Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Friends with the Weather let the good vibes flow at the Ark in Ann Arbor Tuesday night.

Anyone who took a chance at Take a Chance Tuesday at the Ark in Ann Arbor Tuesday evening March 28, was treated to one fantastic show! Friends with the Weather brought their brand of folk, rock and funk to the stage and serenaded the Ark with a set of strong, upbeat and downright inspirational music. At its core Friends with the Weather consists of three singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalists. The trio includes Seth Hendricks, Chris Good, and David Hupp. They have recently released a new self titled album and its awesome! I know because I reviewed it last month!

From the moment the band took the stage Tuesday night the good vibes began to flow as song after song brimmed with soul funk infused inspirational and positive messages about life and all of its nuances. We are living in cynical, and frightening times in the United States these days. Its pretty darn scary out there with the repressive policies of the Trump administration. That being said, much of the subject matter in Friends with the Weather songs performed Tuesday night revolved around the messages of hope, understanding, positivity, and not being afraid to be yourself. Important and relevant themes in this day and age.

But at the heart of the groups performance was impeccable, passionate, and inspired musicianship on the part of each musician. Vocalist and multi instrumentalist Seth Hendricks was particularly impeccable! His singing was assured, soulful and reminded me a lot of James Taylor.

I'm sure that everyone left the Ark Tuesday feeling as uplifted and inspired as I did.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.

Friends with the Weather at the Ark in Ann Arbor Tuesday night. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

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