Monday, March 13, 2017

Michigan Men's Basketball: FROM SADNESS TO MADNESS!

By Bob Resch. Purple Walrus Press.

This is a script straight out of Hollywood.  On the eve of the Big 10
Tournament, a near catastrophic plane crash on take off at Willow Run
airport shakes the Michigan Men's Basketball team to the core with
only a few minor injuries, and the horrific experience brings the team
together emotionally like never before.

The No. 8 seeded Wolverines arrive in Washington, DC the next day
battered and bruised just a few hours before game time and proceed to
methodically thump Illinois by 20 points  Then toughing it out and
beating Purdue by 4 in overtime. Moving on they defeat Minnesota by
7.. Finally, Michigan goes on to win the Big 10 Tournament by
thrashing the No. 2 seed Wisconsin 71-56 to become the Big 10 Champs!


WHEW!  4 wins in 4 days. Unreal.  Unbelievable.  Unimaginable.  It's
great to be a Michigan Wolverine!!

A near death experience has a way of changing a person's view on
life....for the better.  This incredible incident gave all aboard a
major wake up call.

Many have said they feel lucky to be alive. Suddenly,  life had pushed
the reset button. Basketball had just become a game meant to be the pick up games we use to play back in the day at the
park or gym.  Teammates became brothers of another mother.  What
pressure? What national spotlight?  Let's run and gun and have some


Senior 'Zak' Irvin hit the nail on the head when he talked about how
the team became unified after the plane crash. UNITY among players is
the NECESSARY INGREDIENT for any team to function at capacity. One or
two players out of 5 can have skills that thrill, BUT, if there's no
connection emotionally to the rest of your team members, winning can
be elusive.

The nightmare plane crash created a course correction and showed us
all that the 'Game of Life' is full of opportunity and surprises.  Mix
in a lot of hard work.  Create a game plan filled with talent, timing
, passion and the great Michigan spirit..  The result: Michigan
becomes a No. 7 seed facing 10th seeded Oklahoma State this Friday
March 17th in Indianapolis.  Wait a minute. March 17th is St.
Patrick's Day!  Nothing wrong with some green beer and a hearty
helping of Maize and Blue spirit.  Go Blue!!

Bob Resch. PWP.

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